Dodge bombs at anubis arena! it was a blast!

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@Mittins maybe? You were a good dodge bomber.


Spoo working?

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He has prior “engagements”


Would love to Beth! but im not sure I can commit before game time. All depends on the homefront


ill keep you off the list for now, let me know when your sure

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Be sure to invite everyone you know! We are aiming for 16 players and we are halfway there

@ginabean I will try and make it, if my graduation is over by then!

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yes from college

i’d be happy to come! but i might be tired from the droop party by then.

Drop party is the day before, so just make sure to get a lot of rest. I’ll put you guys on the list

10 people, and 10 more days to go! we are aiming for 16, so sign up while you have the chance!

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still need 6 more people, folks! maybe we can convince @Apt or @Ovis to come

won’t promise anything. drop party on 11th in which I’m somewhat involved. usually after a few hours of moderately intense ‘people stuff’ I require several days of blessed solitude to restore my delicate sanity :dizzy_face:

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understandable, but we would love having you come!

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I’m down I think

your already on lol

Ok good whew

still need six people folks! ask everyone you know!

i’m not sure if i will come but you can count me in