Dodge Bombs (Flood Edition) April 24th 2pm est. 1 million grand prize!

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NOTE: please read this entire post. this isn’t you normal dodgebomb event!

You heard it right, flooded edition now has an arena dedicated to it! portal acessible via ezpz main hub (look for teal LEDs.)

Team bracket event, free ground;
2 teams battle it out in an effort to win best two out of three. The winning team of the 8 teams competing gets the grand prize!

There will also be some free-for-alls here and there so you can keep your skills sharp while waiting your turn.

Teams of Two
Make sure to post here on the forums or PM me on discord (DJDancecraft#8679) to sign up.

The first place team wins 1 million coin AND a trophy!
The second place team wins 500k!
The winner of a free-for-all can win up to 50k or more

Poseidon arena has been sponsored by EZPZ. big thanks to @whitelet and @KArios for the prize donation!


No brews
Only persisting for food
No “that sinking feeling” forged items. (please use the light given to you at the event)
Use the bombs you are given
Do not use ANY bomb during a match you are not playing in
Only use healing bombs between matches. (if you drown, you drown.)
No grappling
No bomb augments
Have a good time!

If you haven't played flood edition before, please read below.

Flood edition is a very similar, yet very different version of dodge bombs. The entire top section of space is instead flooded! However though, when you create a hole in the arena with a bomb, you also create an air pocket.

In water you gain temporary invincibility, while sacrificing air and speed.

In air you gain air and speed while making yourself more vulnerable to attack.

There is a lot of strategy to this game, so if you haven’t played before I highly recommend you and your teammate take the time to practice.

Huge thanks to the folks over in EZPZ for the coin. without them, we wouldn’t have gotten the coin needed to host this.

Another big thanks to @DragonTamer for helping design the arena. without his help, the arena would be much less appealing to the eyes. He also made the image at the top of this post. (Needless to say, this guy is good at what he does.)

Once more, post your team here or in discord! it helps us to know whos all coming, so that way there’s not any last-second people at the event. if you need a teammate, post that too!

Join our discord for contact and/or discussions.


Teams (4/8)
DJDancecraft and Oorteeesha
Narik and Sayd
JDGroat and powerman
Elvis and Fuzzybear1919

Looking for team:

might be coming:

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Thanks bro, just glad I could help! :sunglasses:


Much appreciated!

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I have a few questions as have never played, only watched doge bombs. Firstly I thought you had to knock the other people through the floor into lava, how do you do this if we are swimming in water? Secondly are any skills allowed? and finally what are the official bombs so I can practice?

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I was lucky enough to try your stadium and it seems like a genius idea, it is very fun and strategic, encourage yourselves, it is worth it


there is no way to prevent ppl from using best possible skills, so might as well embrace it
I recommend (for DB in general) max possible bomb damage, max stamina and stam. regen, long jump epic (or double jump, or both) fall armour and agility. the rest as you prefer


100% agree

The idea is amazing!! I’ll be there with my team! :grimacing::grin: this is my official registration.

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It still has normal dodgebomb features (such as the lava) it’s just flooded. The water is stopped above the layer of rock due to how plotting works, so you can still get air and the water won’t flow onto the lava

Edit: the official bombs are unforged topaz

if anyone would like to get some tips and practice before the game, let me know!

also, here is a countdown for the event!

and heres the event in your timezone 2021-04-24T18:00:00Z


if anyone has never played dodge bombs before, i released a video on it!


Very nice video.

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thank you good sir! my first time doing that sort of thing so it could’ve been better

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You did great. I get stage fright on mic. Hints why im so mysterious muahahah.


@Coolpants you gotta sign up eventually

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If I’m not working I’ll be there. I’ve never lost a drowning contest.

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Uhh, it’s a contest about not dying, but whatever you wanna believe I guess

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Yes, that’s why I want to play. Lol

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glad you understand!