Dodge Bombs (Flooded edition) October 2nd, 2pm est. 1800 rough oort grand prize!

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NOTE: this is not regular dodge bombs.

portal is located in EZPZ hub, look for the 1x2 portal with EVENT written in yellow.

Team bracket event, free ground:
2 teams battle it out in an effort to win best two out of three. The winning team of the 8 teams competing gets the grand prize!

There will also be some free-for-alls here and there so you can keep your skills sharp while waiting your turn (and also possibly win some coins)

Teams of Two
Make sure to post here on the forums or PM me on discord (DJDancecraft#8679) to sign up.

The first place team will split 2 smart stacks of rough oortstone, and a custom trophy!
The second place team will split 1 smart stack of rough oortstone!
free-for-alls can wield a prize of 50k or more!


No brews
Only persisting for food
No “that sinking feeling” forged items. (please use the light given to you at the event)
Use the bombs you are given
Do not use ANY bomb during a match you are not playing in
Only use healing bombs between matches. (if you drown, you drown.)
No grappling
No bomb augments
Have a good time!

If you have not played flood edition before, click here and read below.

Flood edition is a very similar, yet very different version of dodge bombs. The entire top section of space is instead flooded! However though, when you create a hole in the arena with a bomb, you also create an air pocket.

In water you gain temporary invincibility, while sacrificing air and speed.

In air you gain air and speed while making yourself more vulnerable to attack.

There is a lot of strategy to this game, so if you haven’t played before I highly recommend you and your teammate take the time to practice.

If you are still confused, I have a video on 3 different types of dodge bombs here.

Once again, don’t forget to sign up here or in discord. If you don’t have a teammate, sign up and we will find you one!

Join here for discussion


current teams (0.5/8)
DJDancecraft (maybe oorteeesha?)

looking for teammate (1)

might be going, not 100% sure (0)

Ok we all know i am in if i can make it for sure ( a chance to kill dj with bombs ).

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Do you have a teammate?

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not yet ixon said you a cheater he dont trust you lmao

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i will take anyone if they looking for one for sure

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