Dodgebombs Tournament, SIGN UP NOW!

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First I would like to give a huge thanks to GRAND for hosting the last dodgebomb tournament!
You all put alot of work into building and setting up the event, I believe I can say for everyone who participated, we truly appreciate you!


The next Dodgebombs tournament will be next Sunday May 30th at 12pm est.
For this next tournament I would like to have 3 different events, free for all of coarse, 2v2, and 3v3. So gather your friends, build your teams, and come prepared to have lots of fun!
Sign ups start now, let’s get creative, when signing up. Come up with a team name, which events your teams will be participating in, and the names of your team members (matching outfits would be cool as well.)
No grapples
No brews
No buff foods(unless otherwise stated)
BYOB (there will be some available for sale in the arena)

There will be lots of coin and gear to be given away, updates on prizes will come thru out the week so sign up and and let’s throw some bombs!
•1 million in coin prizes plus some cool gear.
•100,000c prize for best team costume
•50/50 draw prize

Hideous Hill Arena

Special Event
There will be a special dodgebomb event during the tournament. Details about the event will be revealed during the tournament. Hide, defend or just obliterate your opponents with bombs.

Fun Activities
• 50/50 draw
• Mystery box draw
• Most creative team costumes

If you are interested in sponsoring this event DM me and we can figure it out, sponsors will be recognized with signs possibly more.

•Loreleii & Viaduct
•Kuzcu & Vapeape
•DJDancecraft & Oorteeesha
•Gumgumman & Stoner420
? & ?
? & ?

•LegitLegendz - Vapeape, Gumgumman, Stoner420
•DOJ - DJDancecraft, Oorteeesha, ______
•Team Name? - Loreleii , Viaduct , Yenots
•Team Name? - ? , ? , ?

•Added special event
•Added fun activities
•Added Teams


i will b there


I got you written down

Just a reminder, sign up for dodgebombs.

  1. Team Name
  2. Events you want to play in
  3. Names of team members.

So if there isn’t more interest for this weekend I will postpone the tournament for a week to give more time to build hype. Also will be adding updates/edits to this post daily to keep it live and active. Hope to see you all at the next tournament whether it’s this weekend or next weekend.

me and oorteeesha are good for this sunday (i cant make it past that point cause im going places for the summer, late june ill be back in the game)

im looking for a 3rd partner


Maybe @KArios would be a good 3rd partner ? Idk


idk man. im thinking reaper

Got you written down, lemme know if you find a third.

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Was also thinking of doing a little contest for the best team costumes.

I would also like to mention if you dont have a team mate or cant find one dont let that stop you from signing up, we can pair solos up as well as potential 3 member teams. So sign up now!

Sign up for a chance to win 1 million coin!

Dont forget to sign up for dodgebombs this sunday 12pm est

  • Grand Arena
  • Hideous Hill Arena

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  • BYOB
  • Standard bombs(bought at arena)

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Dont forget to sign up for dodgebombs!

Thank you for those that voted.
Looks like it will be Hideous Hill for the tournament

The vote for bombs will continue until 9pm est.

For the start of the tournament if everyone could try to make it for 1155am est at Hideous hill arena. Just so we can get set up and right into the tournament. Also for anyone that does not know where Hideous hill arena is I will be meeting up with anyone at 1155am at the TNT hub to take you to Hideous hill. Any questions feel free to ask

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Lol, come ooonnnn DJ!!

:bomb: Team DOJ, signing in. :wink:

Watch yourselves. :grin:

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