Does anybody know of some good Navy Blue rock?

I’m looking for some Dark Blue / Navy Blue rock. I used whatever I had to make my build, but I need to go back and replace it with proper color. Does anybody know a good planet for farming the stuff?

Thanks in advance!

Dark blue rock, that’s specifically on Biitula or Flan, I think.
Check this to see all colors :


Thank you, @Goblinounours!!

I think lutrion also has dark cobalt or something like that

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Dark Cobalt and Dark Cerulean are both available on low levels I believe.

They look almost identical but your other colors might make the choice for you.

Personally I love Night Azure which is also a permanent, low level rock. It makes beautiful marble.

There are a lot of blues available :slight_smile:

Go to beckon they have night azure rock

One of my favorite colors is Shadow Blue, i think most of it has to be sprayed, but it stands out quite well:

A lot of these “blues” almost seem purple.

With Night Azure you will be fine, i think.
You see an example by Nigthstar.
Also it is quite easy to obtain on low level Planets, like Finata.

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Night azure and Dark cerulean are both colors of Storis II. I personally like the dark cerulean quite a bit.

It depends on where you get them… or watch them. Lower level planets dont have
Athmosphere effects like some higher ones does.

If youve seen some planets having example
Water being green etc… … water is always blue but athmosphere effects on it on certain planets.

If you need AS marble ready you can come to Pharaos Treasues on Arie Ther you can Take a Look at the blocks and all are available.

If you have deep enough pockets, shadow cerulean is probably one of the most popular marble colors there is. It’s gorgeous. But expensive. There’s no permanent planet that has shadow cerulean rocks unfortunately.