Does anyone else think

That their character must have a tapeworm, judging by how much they need to eat?


We’re rockgoblins, we just have a different metabolism :joy:


I am a tapeworm - must have an oortian inside of me as I eat so much…


My char should have obesity by now…

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Does the hunger meter even provide any benefit to the game aside from being a meter one has to micromanage to get the best out of their characters?

That is the benefit. It is a resource management minigame. It also provides a small sense of realism.

I see this more as a hassle to jump through rather than a fun little minigame. Its just annoying, tbh. Also, realism, in a game where one slot in your inventory can hold 900 cubic meters of solid ROCK?!?!


I like it. It breaks up the tedium of mining. In Minceraft, I start zoning out and falling asleep when I do mass mining. Less of a problem here with energy & food management. To each their own though, you know.

That’s why I said small sense of realism :wink:

I really wish I could make Bob a fat body :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I feel like all it does is make everything take more time. I have to stop and rest, I have to stop and eat. Just standing there not being productive. In real life I eat three times a day in the game I end up eating plenty more than that.

Stop moving afk is no eating😉

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Why do you think its foggy (verry sandy) in the worlds… we eat and fart all the time.

Everything that goes is has to come out in a way so very dusty farts :grin::rofl::joy::rofl: we are the sandstorm creators :grin:.

(Oortian makes a hurmm sound, it just farted)

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I have noticed that i have to eat more often now
It was not like this awhile ago did something change

Did you get the feat that triples your energy?

I think one has it but he dont seem to need to eat much the other ones that dont have it need to eat all the time and they dont even do much