Does everyone who is lvl 50+ have 10 cubits left over?

I have 10 extra cubits. I get 300 per level and spend them on plots almost everytime. But I am always left with these 10 extra cubits. Did I do this to myself? Or does everyone have them? They drive me nuts!

When I get on later I’ll do the math on what I have too see. I don’t use my cubits anymore so kinda have an abundance

Edit: yea seems like I would have 10 left over if I tried to buy plots

after 6 times you can grab a low plot chest :slight_smile:

Soon after starting a new character, there’s a point where it gives you ‘60’ Cubits and then asks you to buy 2 plots. If you’re like me and ignore that for a while and just gather, build or hunt wildstock, level up again and then buy 5 or 10 plots instead of 2… There’ll then always be 10 cubits floating around if you spent or try to spend all your cubits.

That’s my guess on it anyway.

It’s a cosmetic feature, it’s so you don’t always feel broke.

I usually get a level all 2 to 3 hours of play, sometimes i even get 2 level in 1 hour, depending on what i do (without mass rock to stone).
Currently i place several thousand bricks and i eat exp pie, i think I made over 10 levels yesterday.
Getting plots is easy, so yes i got a few hundred plots left.

I got 40 extra cubits, dunno why =(

Buy one more each of the two and five coffers in plots, that should set you straight

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Oh right, lol

When I go mining I usually get at the minimum 1lvl per persisting pie. I also chuck my rock lol