Does luck help with mining?

I mean you either found gems/titanium blocks or you did not. Does luck help find anything other than maybe flint? Or give a higher chance for double drops?

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It gives a chance to double resource block drops as well. With 8/8 luck and 5/5 attribute bonus I get a double drop almost every time, so it’s definitely worth it.

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Hijacking topic but, i’ve got 8/8 luck and the gathering epic, is either one of them redundant ? I get 2 drops from plants almost always.

drop gathering as it only applies to boulders and plants

What 5/5 attribute would that be?

the last one in the skill tree - or first from the right if you like;

5 levels of it equals 1 level of particular attribute (or 1 attribute bonus equals 0.2 of particualr attribute)

Gathering epic is what guarantees that you get 2 drops from every plant. Luck however does not affect plant drops at all, so if you want to focus gathering you want 0 points in luck. If you want to focus mining drop the gathering epic and keep luck and the attribute bonus maxed.

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How come? Skill states it’s double drop chance.

Again, based on what? I have no gathering epic, and luck 8/8 and it definitely improves a LOT plant drops. For example i get often 2 shimmering/shadow orbs from plants on T5+

Read the tooltip for luck, specifically says only increases drops from blocks and mobs. And I’ve tested it, I get the same amount with max luck and no luck so long as I have the gathering epic on.

And I’m not sure what you are saying with your first quote, that is exactly what I’m saying, yes, gathering epic doubles plant drops.

Read the tooltip.

Ok, I didn’t test it per se, but I’m pretty sure I see the difference in drops between my hunter that has 3 luck, and miner that has 8 luck when it comes to drops from plants on the same planet.

It doesn’t. It increases the odds of a “rare” drop, which is classified as more than 1, some planets that means up to 3.

Are you trying to say that it does change mining? Why would a GATHERING epic affect anything other than gathering? :hushed:

No. I say it doubles drop CHANCE, and not amount.

Huh? Idk man all I know is that I get 2 fibrous leaves from a desert sword when I have the epic on, and only 1 when I have it off. Same with every other plant drop :man_shrugging:

Ahh got it, yeah that makes sense.

2+ items is a rare drop, that has a chance to occur. Can’t find now specific dev post that states this.

Anyway I’m curious about luck not causing bigger plant drops. I’m confident it’s just misleading tooltip. Because when you look at Character -> Profile -> Motion and Action, then you see your Drop Rate Modifier, and it’s based on luck. With 8 you get x2.8. And I’m pretty sure it’s Drop Chance Modifier, not Rate Modifier. But UI is still full of small bugs… :confused:

Okay that would make sense, so basically the rare drop that the gathering epic is triggering is the 2nd drop. I tested it on a T3 planet also, so I don’t think the rare drop could be anything but the double drops. So I may be completely wrong here actually. :sweat:

Gathering Epic consistently gives you double drops, although not necessarily double leaves every time. You may get double orbs or something but only 1 leaf.