Does redeemig fuel push color reset date off?

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I had at least one beacon already able to be unlocked to change colors and one other with like one day before block colors could be unlocked – then I redeemed fuel codes for all the planets I’m still keeping and they’ve all been pushed off into the future. I can remind myself never redeem fuel coupons before changing planet colors but what exactly is the algorithm behind it?

As far as we could figure out, and I can’t remember the thread where it was discussed…

Your world has a sort of “color change unlock day”. This day is set initially as 14 days after the creation of the planet (to the minute, I believe). After this first “unlock day”, it goes to a 28 day cycle, giving you an “unlock day” once every 4 weeks.

An “unlock day” means that, if you had unlocked and set your colors before that day, the option will be unlocked for you. This means that, if your “unlock day” is Jan 19, and you don’t change your colors until Jan 20, you won’t be able to change those colors again until Feb 19.
Similarly, if your “unlock day” is Jan 19, and you change (and set) your colors on Jan 18, you will get another unlock the next day, on Jan 19.

Hopefully this clarifies things. It’s difficult to explain in text, or I would have written it into a wiki page.

Please ask clarifying questions, I’m happy to help with understanding this, since I, and several others, spent a bunch of effort figuring it out.

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Thanks, I think I get it, it just seemed to be entirely too aggravating to be intentional (the date pushoff not your explanation, that worked).

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