Does stamina work?

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I have been playing Boundless for 3 weeks now and I just found out that there is stamina in the game but I never seen it drop or move on any of my alt/main… Is it working? Is it worth it to put skills points in stamina regen?

No, I dont think stamina is used in any way today.


Try swimming up and down in a body of water reaching top and bottom (preferably without drowning your character), I experienced what may’ve been an anomaly, but it seemed as if my character had more trouble keeping his head up as time progressed…
That or anything technical may’ve been the cause. If you experience it as well, then this could indicate stamina is ‘measured’ but not shown anywhere in your UI.

I have had this a few times building in a lake, thought it was issues with lag due to water physics though…

Stamina doesnt work atm - there was a run earlier last year in testing server and it was quite bugged and far from balanced,but it did look promising; will definitely add depth to the game when introduced; although I can see people moaning already - it will make things slower as you would need to take a break after a series of whacks, shots or block placing, not mention running or high jumping.

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Is the stamina bar the orange bar? Below the Health bar?

Yes, right now it is useless XD

Will they remove this or fix it.

I don’t know, I think they will fix it/modify it

It is currently disabled until we have items that compliment the gameplay.

The intention is to have burst stamina and hunger stamina.

Hunger Stamina - Decays at a slow rate but can be replenished by eating food. You won’t die though, the intention is that it affects your burst stamina.
Burst Stamina - Burst stamina is what you use when you use your weapon or tools but it recovers quickly. The amount of burst stamina you have is limited to your current hunger stamina.

The gameplay that is missing is the brews. The intention is for players to carry brews with them and juggle between hitting creatures, dodging and consuming healing or stamina recovery brews.


And stamina regen skills come in workable with that. Although, unlike health regen, you do recover some basic amount of stamina without the skills.

Well it works after a update this morning my stamina drops so quick using titanium hammer. Yesterday it dropped at reasonable rate. But now its stupud. This game is starting to get boring…i hate this idea of extremely fast stamina loss hit four blocks ur out…come on guys pull your head in…make it attractive to people . Slowing the game down doesnt keep people…anyway…

I don’t think the stamina drain more quickly they just added sound to it.

The Titanium Hammer got it’s damage increased and if I remember correctly damage is linked to stamina drain.
The drain is now 20 according to the knowledge page.
I can only hit 4 blocks I wonder why you are running around with only 80 energy.
That might be the core of the problem.

p.s. this topic here is from 2015 where stamina was not implemented yet.

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Lol yea i spend my my points on other stuff…awesome game idea…but i actually dont believe stamina should be in this game.period. its already a grinding game wich i do like but now with needing more stamina just to go mining its bit long in the tooth. Just saying

A few points in stamina and the energy epic (regens 1000 at a time and makes it about 1 second to fill back up) are worth it on a miner. I didnt have either for ages too and it was doing my head in having to stop and wait 15 seconds for every 30 seconds of mining. Its well worth it to spend 10 points on for mining.