(Done) [WTB/LF] T6 Single Block Diamond Hammers/Shovels

I have not yet set up a forging area and need more forged hammers and shovels like these. If you know a location where they’re sold, please let me know.

Durability is not required in the forge effects but is desirable. Auto harvest +9m is highly preferred but main thing is damage.

Ideal example of what I want; same on a diamond shovel.

I Also love getting Single Shot hammers etc like you with auto harvest!

everyone keeps making single hit building tools but without auto harvest I don’t think it’s a builders tool xD

Someone Should get a Store dedicated to Builders Tools with Auto Harvest (im a Dummy at Forging) xD @Primetime18 maybe can help you


Yeah, they really help.

Indeed, maybe it’s easily understated how useful the full auto harvest is when building, especially if you’ve got high points in control or are working from a grapple/scaffold.

Does @Primetime18 also have a shop somewhere? I remember some forging shops from them before but I wouldn’t know where to look now.


Yes, check Fantasy Tree! His forge shop is the floor beneath the portal hub area. His forge is one of my favorites.


I did check it out and met you there. :slight_smile:

I am still looking for some hammers at the very least, though some shovels with all of the desirable attributes would still be good to get too.

I’m forging some right now. You said you want T6 Diamond. For single hit hammers, no damage boon is necessary, it’s automatically T6 with all the right skill points. Would you still like the extra damage for seams or would you prefer a different boon (IE magnet + speed + dura)?

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The damage is useful for me in some scenarios, though the absence of a damage boon or perhaps one that is lower might be fine too on hammers. On shovels at least a small damage boon would be required for me, though I can’t remember how much exactly now.

The preferred extras in either case are always durability (any) and max level magnet, basically, and max magnet with some dura would be my main targets if I was forging these myself.

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I’ll make some. I’ve got a bunch with action speed rather then durability.

***Edit @NerArth @BabyCookie
Hammers and shovels are being made with damage magnet and durability.


Ah, cool, do PM me or let me know what you want for them. :slight_smile:

And let me know where I should collect/come trade.

Hey. They will be in the shop stand with the single shot tools on alder. The first stack of hammers are there now. I’ve got shovels coming next. They’re 8000c each.
Located at the Towers of Power


I’ve just been and bought some of them, thank you. That was quick forging, too.

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Sweet. :beers: I hope they work out good for you. I’m trying to get a good stock of everything in that area.

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Yeah, there was some other nice stuff there too and I grabbed some hookshot grapples when I saw them, it’s been a while since I used any! :smiley:

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I never use hookshots. But I know a bunch of people who like them. So I make them. I’ve tried them a bunch though and they can be fun.

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