Don't count locked items in the shop scanner list

Thats not the same issue though. Sure it’d be nice if we could just buy from them. But until that’s fixed, just dont show these stacks on the scanner.

Before the scanner, it was just mildly annoying when you came across a locked stack. Now i’ve traveled literally halfway across the planet, multiple times, because the scanner showed me a good deal, only to find out i can’t actually buy the items.

You’re talking about a seperate issue :slight_smile: My problem is with locked/greyed out stacks. So you can actually access the stand, but you can’t buy them due to it being a mixed stack with an item in it that doesn’t have a price. You’re talking about inaccessable stands, which is also an issue, but unrelated to this.

Actually, it IS the same issue! That issue is causing you to not be able to buy the items which is the root of you going to the shop stand and not being able to ehh, buy them!

So if they resolve this actual issue they do not need to make any changes to the shop scanner…

You’re right that 1 will fix the other, but since the bug is open since 2018, i assume its tricky to fix. Hence why the filtering would be a fine fix in the meantime.