Don't count locked items in the shop scanner list

I’d almost say this is a bug over a suggestion, but let’s not get into semantics.

I shop a lot. It’s probably 50% of what i do in boundless. The shopscanner has been an amazing addition for me! The only thing that annoys me about it, is that locked stacks still get counted in how many items are for sale.

Yesterday i was looking for a few ss’s of inky leaves. Found 1k on the scanner for a good price! It wasn’t near any mall, so i walked 2000 meters to it. I finally get there only to find both stacks are locked.

So my suggestion is simple! If a stack is locked from purchase, don’t count those items in the scanner :slight_smile:


Yeah why are locked stacks still a thing? Wasn’t this supposed to be fixed 8 months ago? What even are locked stacks - why do they exist?


I ran into 2 stores again with this same issue. Traveled 2k meters for both, just to be disappointed i couldn’t buy the items.

If this could be done in the coming update that’d be fantastic! Surely a simple filter on only “pure” stacks would do the trick?


I wish they could just make this Day 1 launch problem go away, but it looks like other stuff is 1st in line.

Keeping store items in the scanner, if they’re unreachable by the public, is something the devs take action on. I’m pretty sure it’s not just bad taste, but also against the rules of conduct.

Not sure if we’re talking about the same thing :slight_smile:
I’m talking about (for example) fleshy and inky leaves in the same stack, meaning the shop stand is easily reachable, but can’t buy the stack with the mixed items, since mixed items lock the stack from access. Even though the individual items show up in the scanner.

They’re technically reachable, just can’t buy them :frowning:

Oh, you can’t right click the stack to split them?

Nope, as a buyer, they’re completely greyed out and uninteractable.
I believe there are some inky leaves locked on biitula, as an example. Lowest price for a decent quantity. I’ll look up coordinates when i get home.

Like how someone has oort shards for 16 at naughty mall but they’re unpurchaseable

Very naughty.

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They should fix the bug that non pure stacks can still be bought in part at least…

Also, I would love it if somehow shopowners could add one or more portals to their shop beacon info so people don’t have to run 2km!


Yes. Closest shop or portal/hub would make it so much easier. Running half way around the world to find the shop and oooohh damn they have a ps portal or something is frustrating lol


Haha yesss

A plot inspector that shows all portals would be cool somehow. No idea how they’d do it

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Yeah i don’t think this is very feasible unfortunately.

Let’s stay on-topic though please :slight_smile:

Simply filter locked stacks from the results. I obviously have no clue how the shop scanner is built, but i can’t imagine it being very hard to filter the data between source and UI, to not display mixed/locked stacks :slight_smile:

Sorry was just going off reply that was above mine

Why add code to circumvent a bug?
Just the bug needs solving so one can buy the partial contents of the items that do have a price set.


Traveled another 2.5k just to get to a shop filled with locked stacks…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this! Whats the point in listing something on the scanner, if we can’t actually buy it?!


I wish they would set the default price to 999999k if something in a stack has no price, at least until they can implement a real fix. This bug brings a lot more sadness now that shop scanners are live.

Hmmm sounds like what I did the other day. Tho I forgot to report it.

In games like Star Wars Galaxies, they had a check that looked to see if your building was locked/accessible and if it was your shops didnt show up in the world scanner.

I really wish this game had some sort of check to ensure the plot wasn’t completely closed in or at least had an active portal to somewhere.

I was on Raxxa a while back and some shop was selling glue for 2c, the only issue was it was a box inside of a mountain. I only discovered this after running 2km to it only to find them completely inaccessible. I even spent some time digging around their plot to see if they had a hidden entrance. Pretty sure they had a portal… too bad i would have no clue where that was.

What they need to do is be able to set one plot as a sub plot to another plot and then be able to sub divide them like you can in minecraft with the grief protection plugin that is on all the servers. So that when i see Shop ABC its “home” is in another plot connected to it, even if its not psychically connected to it.

just report the beacon and move on. The devs will de-list it.

added to bug database in march 2018:

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