Don't make this forum a second reddit

I have mixed feeling about this forum recently.

This place has always been a place for conversation and open discussion but since launch everybody went into “serious” mode and started literally fighting with each other. Toxic threads pop up like mushrooms, everybody is spreading their objections about changes. Obviously devs are “intentionaly” spoiling our fun. Some “veterans” already started stating that they “consider leaving” Boundless. Go ahead!

This place is really becoming more like reddit - full of sudden spikes of happiness before patch and an avalanche of hate soon after. Maybe it was meant to come after launch or maybe we can prevent that.

Message to all new and old players, please behave properly and think twice before you start posting all this hate. Remaining calm is a key to good discussion.

PS As one wise man said:


That is exactly what i was thinking today. While i’m usually speaking my mind and i’m very into free speech and make your opinion know, tone of discussions is important and is degrading rapidly from discussing merit to emotional quarrel :frowning: .


Agreed so so so much. Please everyone, have some respect for the developers, they’ve made a great game and they RESPECT you by listening.

For me as a new player the new patch has been a godsend. I was having so much trouble woth.lag, literally rubberbanding all over the place unable to move at some points. Teleporting was a huge trouble and has now been fixed.

The new recipes don’t bother me since as a new player I’ve been feeling overwhelmed from the start with finding new ingredients I had no clue where to go for. But a lot of players have helped me out. The community of this game has up until now been very friendly. I hope it will remain as such, as currently heading in the “wrong direction”.

It’s been one day since the new patch. Give the developers some.time to read your concerns and to think it over. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. Maybe a lot of people have the same opinion and the developers will in time have to readjust some things.

The fact that they listen and participate in the community says a lot. And accussations.circling these forums about their integrity are very ignorant.

Lighten up, relax. Give constructive feedback as you used to do and give people some time. Let’s not dissolve into a toxic mess.

I for one am thankful.I get to play a game that is so creative and fun after all the AAA games that have to death in recent years.

Developers, if you’re reading this, thank you for your efforts.


Except from a few posts I think the discussions here are still mostly decent. Emotional at times sure but still decent.

Is this the first time a patch has been this controversial?

p.s. reddit is fine if you know which subs to avoid :wink:

Good intervention topic. Although i’ve showed my respect to the devs when critisizing the last patch, I guess I could tone down on the amount of posts where I say the same thing in a different topic. I love the game and I think patience is key after giving feedback.


I considered posting a few of my complaints with changes myself but there’s enough of them already up here i’d rather we get back to some positivity. Its 1 day after the patch and im sure they’re aware of most of the complaints by now. I’d give them more time before i outright say im gonna quit the game because I do still love it.

No in early access there were a few patches that created a lot of consternation and differences of opinion. Sometimes the developers made changes based on the feedback and sometimes not. It can be hard to see in the moment where they are going, so the changes can not make sense in isolation. However, at least by bringing it up, it offers the developers a chance to say we did this now so this can be done in the future, or the data showed x y and z is this not correct?

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Eh. The game went live, so stuff matters now to players who are serious about the game. The forum is not turning into Reddit. The game is just finally getting a normal community because it is getting new players.


Thread complaining about the complaints about the complaints next. Then let’s see how meta we can get.


@Karokendo LMAO. This made my day. Remember to send me the location of your shop so I can buy some stuff from you now.

That and I want to keep watch on your settlement just in case you ever decide to leave…would love your power coils :slight_smile:


There is a big difference between kind,constructive criticism and some of the posts and replies that are circulating the forum right now. It’s very disheartening to see and I feel sad for the developers. You can’t please everyone but they do try. There’s enough hate and anger in the world,’s reflecting in the people blowing up so strongly over these small changes. Say what you like to say but do it respectfully and with empathy. Let’s not bring all that ugliness.into these forums that up until patch day, I very.much enjoyed visiting.



You just send that message seconds before me :joy: I eventually decided not to double it ha

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The atmosphere seems similar to that on other game forums just after release. A lot of the veteran players who played through years of alpha get burnt out, gripe at every change that is made and instead of just leaving the game they stick around forums to vent at every new development. I’m not saying this applies to all those players who played through development of course! People like Karo are as enthusiastic as ever. But this does seem to apply to an element of gamers. They get disillusioned and need to tell everyone regularly about it rather than leave be.

This is why it’s imperative Boundless attracts new players I think. Because they probably will lose some older ones who played for years before the game came out and invested thousands of hours into a world that longer exists. Now they have to start all over again, the novelty well and truly gone and seeing changes that seem to add to the grind. Of course it’s not a grind when you’re enjoying it though.


The reaction here is typical of the growing pains of a game that is still very young (only 1 month out of Early Access). Though, I do agree with Karko that it’s tiresome seeing the same complaints.

Some of the blame is from the development team. I really regret not making bricks before this patch :confused: But some of it is also self inflicting from the community. Alot of new players play this game like it’s Minecraft: Whereby you have near unlimited resources to help create the build of your dreams. Instead, this is a game where you are faced with resource constraints, both that of materials and your own time, and you have to make decisions on how to approach it. Unlike Minecraft, each action you take here has an opportunity cost. I don’t think alot people understand that yet. I’m level 30+ and don’t have the skills to make advanced power coils (I don’t care for grinding for it) and can still do everything I need.

But who knows, if and when, they implement private servers, the people that want a high resolution Minecraft can just play there and not deal with the ingame grind or constraints common with an MMO-like game

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theres always the aquatopian news bulletin for some comic relief (atleast i try cant call myself funny thats pretty lame:rofl:)
i got ya covered my man
i wish i open discord and i see what everybodys building what towns are doing
where the stuff to visit is :grin: cool sugestions offcoarse
but those flipping dev’s especially that @james make my blood boil
making game all pretty and fun

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Jesus Patrick Stewart looking young(ish) is trippin me out.


He’ll be aging watching Town this season (doubt it’ll mean anything to anyone else!)

Yes. We must all conform and do as we are told instead of letting the devs know when we like or don’t like something.


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A lot of the negative feedback is actually from new players as well as veterans.

Your not my real dad! You can’t tell me what to do!

Onwards to the OP. Ahem. People like others to be calm, and be constructive, and to be clear. But just flat out saying:

Is pretty ignorant, as it will get people more angry. Cause you don’t question WHY people are angry and passionate.

People are so passionate, and hatefilled, because they want to love this game. And then Updates like this newest one happens and it pisses them off.

Everyone is different. Not everyone can be back handed by the hands that feeds them, and not lash out back at them.

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