Don't Quarry Be Happy


Introducing a new Multi-Colour Rock Block Swap Shop: Don’t Quarry Be Happy!

The shop can be accessed from Ultima Mall level 3F and Portal Seekers Shopping Hub Lamblis NW corner.

All 71 naturally occurring rock type/colour combinations are displayed, separated by type and ordered as per Okkelinor’s awesome colour sheet.

Rock is currently on sale at 5c, stone at 2c, and request baskets for your unwanted rock at 2c. Stock is replenished daily. I also take custom orders for Brick/Decorative Rock/Refined Rock/Shop stands/Storage blocks.

Signage provides details of where to find each rock type/colour combination, for those who prefer to gather their own.

Why not also pick up a shiny new tool or two from the excellent CoilTech, conveniently located right outside!


I love this place. I found it by accident. You did a very good job with the presentation of all the different stone colors.


Many thanks @Nori, my buddy @Conkuur is working on a similar design with wood, coming soon next door!


Oh nice. I can’t wait to see it.