Don't regenerate blocks that have a grapple attached to them


Regen bomb griefing has become a regular feature of hunts. Something needs to change. While Simoyd’s solution would probabaly work, I’d prefer if they just didn’t regen player-placed blocks from like the last 20 min.


I didn’t even know this was a thing. D=
What jerks.

Some ppl just need better things to do with their time.


After not seeing it for a while, this issue cropped up again on my latest hunt. For the last 2 meteors, someone was regening the supports that people were hanging from, resulting in people falling to their deaths. It is near impossible to catch these people because there is so much to be keeping track of during a hunt. It is griefing and the devs need to address it somehow.


We Necroing today i see XD


Just because this is still an issue and I’d rather not create a duplicate thread when one about it already exists.


I haven’t seen this in a while but yes I think this is still an issue.