Don't regenerate blocks that have a grapple attached to them

People have been throwing regen bombs at our towers during wildstock waves while we’re hunting.

If a block has a grapple attached to it and a regen bomb is thrown, I think the grappled block should not be regenerated.

Worse case if someone is “griefing” by grappling a block when someone is trying to regen an area, the other person can destroy the block manually with a hammer still.

What does everyone think?

  • Grappled blocks should not be regenerated.
  • No change should be made from the current system.
  • This should be fixed some other way.

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This is a freakin’ fantastic idea.

@james what’chu think, homie?


Why do ppl have to be such turds? I voted for option one. I wasn’t even aware ppl were doing this. :confused:


Thanks @Simoyd


I’d rather we get a way to report and ban these clowns. They’ll just move on to some other form of harassment. With the proposed rule change they could go to a dark glass farm, wait for you to collect it, then place a block in that spot and grapple it. Now you can’t regen to keep farming dark glass.

If meteorites are a hotspot of griefing (they seem to be) maybe the game could start logging actions taken within the meteor zone. The server already knows you’re in one cuz it yells at you when you get too far away. Then when we report a player the report can attach the id of the meteor log.


What about when people are using bombs for hunts which I personally don’t do but have herd off people using them
The craters get Regen’d because they don’t want people to fall in

Another regen bomb thing that bugs me during hunts is ppl who throw a regen bomb at the meteor when it cools. It auto picks up the item for everyone but I actually like standing victorious over the meteor and digging a hole in the side and popping the loot box myself


Quick question, a bomb cannot have booth world regen and health regen applied to it simultaneously can it? It’s been a while since I’ve been apart of a hunt and even then I had only seen health bombs at the time.

yea pretty sure it doesn’t let you have both

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Also doing the same thing with the heal text on the side that we have when a heal bomb hits you so we get a notice who is using the regen bombs would be great.

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You can’t have both regen and heal bomb simultaneously and no one ever should go on a hunts with regen bomb.

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What about asking the devs to apply an “Effect Title” (what I am calling the text over someone’s head when they equip a weapon with a quirk on it) whenever someone throws a Regen Bomb. Then everyone knows who the troll is, and the cowards are less likely to do so if they know everyone will know what a jerk they are being.


I would suggest simply making regen bombs not affect placed blocks in general. Leave them to normal timed regen. It would still be detrimental to legitimate players for them to keep tearing down the tower, even if a few grappled blocks are saved.

what a sad way to grief people. I also vote for regen bombs not to have any effect on meteors once they have been completed.

I voted option 1 because I know how annoying that can be. An alternative to this could also be the meteor acting as a regen bomb when it lands, regenerating all plots in that area. (I say this in case the ground has already been previously destroyed before the meteor lands) Then disable regen bombs from working in a radius of 2-3 plots from the meteor landing site until 5 mins after meteor is completed.

The only problem i see with this is people using regular bombs to grief and destroy the terrain around the meteor and we wouldnt be able to regen the destroyes terrain. To fix this, bombs would need to be changed to not affect the terrain in that same 2-3 plot radius. This would make bombs usable as an effective combat tool during meteors as well.

Edit: 2-3 plots not blocks


Thismay sound stupid and idk what they cost but make the tower in campfire or use it when you enter a new plot while building so its plotted for 2 hours then ti will regen by it self


I suppose that would work well too lol. Didnt even think about a campfire

I’m pretty sure you can’t claim plots around the meteor. Previously people were claiming the loot crate, preventing people from getting the reward. They patched that.

The campfire solution sounds great in lieu of better reporting tools. You only need 1 campfire at the top of your structure to protect it from griefing. It also protects against other forms of griefing like using a hammer to break the block you’re attached to.

I think introducing player controlled unbreakable blocks will lead to an increase of griefing opportunities even if it solves this one instance. There’s too much power to be had from it. You can use it to block doors and portals at the edge of plots, block others from regen mining, trap a player with some help from your friends, etc

as my original post says, I think people should be able to still pop the block with a tool. My suggestion was just to make regen bombs not work if grappled.