Don't start new players in beacons

If there is a way to start new people at least a short distance outside of them I think it would save a lot of frustration and make for a better first experience.

This poor guy! Such a slow start but it’s not really his fault if thats where he started.


How about a warning? @ben @james would it be possible to get a warning on screen that pops up when you click on something inside a beacon saying ‘‘you do not have permission to build or remove blocks in ‘‘beacon name’’’’?

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I like how he managed to find another person xD

I posted a comment under his video so he knows what happend^^


oh man the poor guy got spawned in someones beacon? with no idea what it was or why he couldn’t do anything…yea that would really be frustrating :confused:

Start them on a floating island over the lava ocean in Storial. :+1:


And then a possibility to mark the beacons on the map, so you actually know where to go to get out.


I can’t even watch the hole thing,it just makes me mad. But it least he didn’t take anything bad from the game,when and if he plays again, he’ll hopefully be able to interact with blocks.

Personally I think the current beacon indicators are pretty ugly. I mean a giant flashing wall accompanied by “so and so’s beacon” kind of takes away from the scenery of boundless.

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You can always turn off the beacon effects in the options.

Yes but why is that the default? A new player wouldn’t know to turn that off.

I think the primary problem here is that this poor guy spawned inside the beacon for Kovah’s capital which is absolutely massive. With no prior knowledge of beacons, he thought that red indicator just showed what block he was looking at, not that he could not build there.

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