Doors acting crazy

Don’t know why, but when I line double doors up they open one side at a time. Have to smash them over and over before I can get them to cooperate with each other.

Try placing all on one side from the bottom up, then do the other side from the bottom up. Don’t open or close any of them before it’s complete. I’ve found this to not be 100% foolproof but works most of the time.

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This👆🏽 Also I found out the other day if doors happen to be in two different beacons they will never open and close together even if owned by the same character


This is what works for me. Place them bottom up and into the closed condition, so the second set is touching the first set on placement, and it will usually work.

Maybe they are on the offensive from all the minting.


That made me chuckle more than it should’ve. :smiley: