Doubt about leveling up

Hello, I started with a construction and I quickly ran out of available plots, which method is the easiest and fastest to level up? I currently process a lot of stone to get the Exp and, sometimes, I do mining or farm gleamballs. That obviously with the cake instructor, but is there any faster option or trick I should know?

Hunting. Group hunts are a good way to level up. Join a discord or check the universal chat to see when they’re being hosted. There’s one right now on Galan


Sometimes it is difficult for me to integrate into community groups because of my lack of English, if one day I see the option I will try it haha, and some other way?

You can buy Teaching Pies and craft large amounts of mined rock into stone, and then stone into stone doors.

I do that on a mass scale for 2 hours a day and get 200+ plots a day from it.


Teaching pie + anything, really. I used to place 3 block high rows of decorative gems then chisel them. Also works fairly well with machined metal blocks, but works even better with decorative lucent blocks. Dreadfully boring, and earns you nothing in return but good for a few levels here and there.

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Cooking stuff in the furnace can be a good way to level up if you go get lots of silty soil and sand you can make glass and get XP that way. Or make glue


Sent you a PM in Spanish about this too :slight_smile:

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I’ve recently been on a leveling mission for plots, and I try to fill each machine type every day. Fully powered machines will technically lead to faster leveling due to reduced spark cost and crafting time. I’m a huge nerd for efficiency, some call it “LEAN management” in the business world, so here’s my basic process (leaving out hunts and the mats you get from them):

Start with AOE topaz hammers and shovels, and a bag of regen bombs. This is a necessary investment for speed. You can get millions of spark worth of peaty soil in mere minutes at a regen farm. Plus 9x the xp in that time. You get the daily and weekly coffer in your first run of the week.

  1. Collect peaty soil. All three soil types will be used this process so don’t discriminate but make sure it’s mostly peaty to start. Compact the peaty soil and clay soil to fill the compactor. Only put compact peaty soil in your spark genny.

  2. Mine for rocks, coal, fossils, and ores. Rocks go into the tables, soft coal into the compactor (maybe save the clay soil until after you put the coal crafts in). Only use soft coal in the furnace. It doesn’t lose value in the genny, but it gains value in the furnace- so putting it in the genny is more of a negative “opportunity cost”. Efficient crafting epic helps save coal too.

  3. Fossils in the extractor for ancient essence. Follow that with wax if you have any waxy yams, but you won’t get them on a T1. Follow either of these with sackcloth if you got at least 72 leaves while digging soil and sand, and ink if you got 180 inky leaves (though this takes a while if you’re just passively collecting them while digging).

  4. Throw ores in the furnace with the compact coal for now to get that going.

  5. By now, with enough crafting tables, you should have enough stones to get at least one craft of refined rock in the refinery.

  6. Hit regen farms for sand, mud, and ash. And enough silty soil to match the amount of sand, if you didn’t get that much from digging peaty. Throw the sand and silty in the furnace to make glass.

  7. Use mud, ash, compact clay, and stones to make bricks in the mixer. Bricks use 3/4 of the stones as refined so only 4 crafts saves you the amount of a whole craft of refined. If you run out of any of these mats, continue crafting refined rocks.

  8. If you’re out of ores and mats for crafting glass, you will have gotten plenty of earthyams from digging soil. Throw them in the furnace. They’re great because you can make 1800 at a time.

  9. If you do happen to have wax, make deco rock with your refined rocks in the workbench. If not, then just make some tools and stuff that you know you’ll eventually use. I mostly use my workbench for copper and iron chisels since they’ll be useful forever.

Pretty sure I covered the T1 basics with this. You will also knock out a lot of feats pretty quickly if you’re utilizing every machine. Also, best way to get the handcraft feats is with sticks. One stack of wood makes 3600 sticks which knocks out the first 2 or 3 levels, though it makes your finger hurt :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Of course mining/gathering on higher tiers gives you a wider array of mats to craft with. I’d say the overarching goal is to spread crafts out to all the machines to make the most what you collect. The best thing to do is to follow the crafting flow of blocks etc. that you actually want, but sometimes that can be less efficient and ultimately you can sell the other stuff.


Go mining on the exo. I’ve gained like 40 levels since it appeared. Maybe one level every 2 hammers.


@CoalsP expressed possible interest in collecting your leftover rocks in your thread. Following behind with a one-shot hammer would be super lucrative too. I even got a solid amount of medium and hard coal up at the umbris altitudes on Borld.


Thanks guys, with this information I can start doing other things to upload quickly


Coal for days. I got like 3-4 boxes full of raw coal.

Opening to the outside at this location on the Exo that is full of tunnels with exposed coal / fossils / tech / ore / etc if anyone is looking for a spot to do cleanup.

For me… I go hunting to level up my hunter. I take the Oort I get and my crafter levels daily turning Oort into shards,

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I can’t suggest this enough! Get some AoE Hammers and Pies and you will get insane xp from mining followed by insane xp from making the rock stones then take stones and make doors and mint the doors for some coins to buy some pies :slight_smile:


One thing I do while mining is to drill tunnels with a persisting pie, but leave the ore, then go back and harvest the ore with teaching pie and normal hammers with speed brew. So I save on forged hammers and get massive xp.

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I get about 3 levels a day on average. Mine the gleam ball on SERP with a mega fast brew and a diamond 3x3 hammer you should get 1 level per hammer in about 10 min It’s expensive if you buy all your forged hammers. Forge your own and it’s really cheap don’t forget your teaching pie

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Craft rocks into stones, then refine the stones. If you want to make money doing it then set up a lot of crafting tables and turn rocks into stones in one set of tables and in the other make stones into stone doors. Once the stone doors are made throw them into a chrysominter to get coin out of them.


I can roughly get 3 to 4 levels a day doing that