Doubt about the merger of settlements

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We have two settlements on two neighboring islands, both of which are controlled by the same guild faction, we have just traced a road-stand between them joining them. I thought that by doing this we could merge them to form a larger entity to merge the prestige of both but the beacon that unites them, tells me the following: “This Beacon connects two or more separate settlements and cannot be merged” Are we doing something wrong? Even giving them the same name we don’t get them to merge …

You’ll need to make the road either wider or higher - generally about 3 plots wide will resolve the issue.


Solved, thank you very much for all the tips!


2 plots wide or high is enough


As the road was not 100% straight in all its extension, in the corners we had to put 3 but yes, with 2 it has been enough for us the rest of the way. I don’t know if one of the two corners would have been enough, but just in case, we plotted them and it didn’t give us any more problems.