DPS info on weapons?

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Whe I have seen the Thread about comparing high ranked items I realised that there is no info on “DPS”, so an calculation that shows how much damage the weapon does in average if you do fastest attacks possible. I know, this is just a quality of life thing, but most RPGs have the stat listed in the Item infos and it’s not that hard to calculate and implement. An DPS-Info helps to get a quick view if the weapon may be interesting (for most cases), so to implement it would be a good and easy addition :wink:


The tooltip would also need to adjust based on whether you took the charged shot or rapid fire skill (or obviously no skill at all).


that would also be a good addition, japp :slight_smile:

Well dps isn’t always relevant because you rarely do constant damage, since we don’t have a raid boss to deal with.

Idk if its worth it to bother. Action speed would have to be converted into Actions per second and then you could calculate dps

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japp, with Att/sec and some math, but only if we get exactly amounts of damage over time effects as well ^^ …

But as you said actions per seconds I instandly thought that Action speed should be Actions per second ingame. this vague number is quite uninformative compared to a clear Actions per second :wink: