🐲 Dracones Mundi - Twisted Dragon Guild Sovereign Officially Open!

HI everyone!

So :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: is open for new guild members, public mining and meteorite hunting!
You can find us via the TNT Mega Hub Sovereign Portal Section with the :dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face: sign.

We would like to invite those without a guild or those seeking a new active guild to join, to come and sign up. We welcome experienced and new players alike. We are very helpful and believe in working together helping one another where and when we can. We want to build and cultivate a very active guild.

We have a 6km Sovereign Dracones Mundi that you can access through the Twisted Dragon portal under Sovereigns Portal section of TNT Mega Hub! We are looking for builders and those who like to design within a theme. We are going for dragons, fantasy and mythological types of designs on our guild Sovereign. So if this is your style then we are the guild for you.

We are looking to gain enough members that like doing various different things to create factions within the guild.

We are building a guild city around the hub on Dracones Mundi with builds that can serve as your main base or lead to larger main base you have built somewhere else on the planet.
We will have a tree top guild mall as well where each member of the guild is encouraged to open a shop! This will be a work in progress. But our goal is that eventually everyone will sell here at the guild mall to make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for. But you are free to sell anywhere on the planet.
Everyone will be allowed one portal at the guild portal hub.
Guild only T6 Exo! We will randomly generate new colors every cycle. We will take input from guild members on colors to be randomly selected each cycle.
We will have frequent guild only scavenger events and guild hunts on the Exo, as well as community wide scavenger events and hunts on the Sovereign. We will also eventually have labyrinths as well with rewards at the end. So much more to come than this and we will update the community as these come to fruition and plans get made and completed.
We have Voice chat on a boosted discord server β†’ https://discord.gg/RCfvC4M .
We also will have a guild website with various tools to help with the game eventually for guild members and the community.

These are mostly common sense rules but we believe in managing expectations and so the rules below are for all guild the members sake and to keep what would be a potential unruly situations with Sovereigns at bay! They are also here to establish acceptable interaction within the guild.

1. You must have your current guild set to Twisted Dragon.
2. Your Beacons must be aligned to the guild.
3. You may sell on the planet
4. Prices must be fair and be verifiable as fair prices on butt. We do not want to be known for over
charging people. This makes the guild look bad.

1. In the confines of the guild city you must get permission to plot. This must be adhered to so all guildies have space to build within the city. Same goes for mall space. If you want a larger build there are 63 other regions to choose from just be kind. NO plotting an entire region, plot what you need and what you will use. No plotting resources either!
2. If you are going to build a monument/statue or any other large scale art project(which we heavily encourage) anywhere on the planet it needs to be approved by the leader of the builders faction or one of the 2 guild masters myself or @SClayton .
3. ABSOLUTELY NO all gleam builds, platforms in the air, or flashing LED signs in the overworld. You can have them inside your builds inside or attached to the front door BUT NOT IN THE SKY. Any violation of this will have the plots in violation force reclaimed without warning.

1. We are an adult guild and therefore language is not filtered or monitored, however being mean, racist, sexist, homophobic or any other hate will NOT be tolerated.
2. NO drama or stirring the pot. We will not tolerate rumor mills or spreading gossip and lies about others whether in the guild or not.

Failure to follow the above rules will result in 3 warnings and then you will be kicked from the guild and your plots force reclaimed. This is not to be mean or controlling however we run guild buffs which take endeavor and coin. Also all guild members deserve to have access to space in the guild city, guild mall, while feeling welcome and included in the guild and treated respectfully.

if you have any questions PM me @DragonTamer or @SClayton here on the forums.

Remember To Be Boundless!
:dragon_face: Twisted Dragon :dragon_face:

[Dracones Mundi] --[T4 - Inhospitable Lush Sovereign World]-- [Active]

Dracones Mundi
-------------------[Sovereign Details]-------------------
Owner : @DragonTamer
Permissions : Yes Visit | Yes Edit | No Claim (Guild Members Only)
--------------------[:earth_africa: World Details]--------------------
ID : 559
Name : Dracones Mundi
Type : Lush
Tier : Inhospitable (4)
Atmosphere : Lvl 1 Caustic (1 level)
Size : 6km (64 Regions)
Liquid : β–² Water | β–Ό Water
Region : US East
------------------[:compass: Distance Details]------------------
1 blinksecs from Delta Cancret
Warp Cost : 100c
Portals : TNT Megahub Sovereign
---------------------[:stopwatch: Time Details]---------------------
Appeared September 19, 2020 11:22 AM
Last until October 19, 2020 11:22 AM
Will Renew : Yes

Current Blocks Colors

: Obtained on Homeworld (clickable)

∟ - Gleam - 122 Blue

∟ - Igneous - 2 Night Azure
∟ - Metamorphic - 246 Dark Blue - Biitula
∟ - Sedimentary - 247 Night Blue

∟ - Ancient Trunk - 54 Silk Teal - Till
∟ - Lustrous Trunk - 246 Dark Blue
∟ - Twisted Trunk - 209 Vivid Cerulean

∟ - Exotic - 25 Hot Cherry
∟ - Lush - 210 Cerulean - Boori
∟ - Waxy - 155 Bright Azure

∟ - Clay - 241 Strong Turquoise - Till
∟ - Peaty - 5 Dark Cobalt - Boori
∟ - Silty - 210 Cerulean - Houchus I
∟ - Mud - 2 Night Azure
∟ - Ash - 71 Deep Fuchsia - Biitula
∟ - Gravel - 4 Dark Cerulean - Lutrion
∟ - Sand - 141 Bright Mustard

∟ - Barbed - 66 Deep Lavender - Alnitans
∟ - Gnarled - 55 Deep Turquoise - Lutrion
∟ - Verdant - 240 Strong Slate

∟ - Growth - 218 Vivid Green - Storis II
∟ - Ice - 154 Bright Slate - Sochaltin I
∟ - Glacier - 8 Dark Lilac
∟ - Mould - 8 Dark Lilac
∟ - Sponge - 47 Dark Turquoise
∟ - Tangle - 69 Hot Magenta - Lamblis
∟ - Thorns - 247 Night Blue - Imdaari

∟ - Cloneflower - 3 Shadow Cerulean
∟ - Gladeflower - 58 Deep Cerulean
∟ - Ghostflower - 209 Vivid Cerulean
∟ - Spineflower - 248 Shadow Blue

∟ - Desert Sword - 155 Bright Azure
∟ - Oortian’S Staff - 248 Shadow Blue
∟ - Rosetta Nox - 58 Deep Cerulean
∟ - Spineback - 239 Strong Azure
∟ - Stardrop - 203 Light Turquoise - Till
∟ - Traveller’S Perch - 216 Vivid Viridian
∟ - Trumpet Root - 233 Cobalt
∟ - Twisted Aloba - 24 Deep Red - Alder

∟ - Branch Funnel - 47 Dark Turquoise - Till
∟ - Clustered Tongue - 56 Deep Slate
∟ - Glow Cap - 88 Teal
∟ - Mottled Tar Spot - 248 Shadow Blue
∟ - Tinted-Burst - 235 Deep Blue
∟ - Weeping Waxcap - 8 Dark Lilac - Flan


Initial Resources

------------[Embedded World Resources]------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Soft Coal34,696,73632.52%90356.08
2Iron Ore28,316,44926.54%73740.75
3Copper Ore16,374,82515.34%42642.77
4Medium Coal8,856,7478.30%23064.45
5Ancient Tech Remnant4,917,5964.61%12806.24
6Medium Fossil4,423,7304.15%11520.13
7Small Fossil3,122,5152.93%8131.55
8Ancient Tech Component2,435,0722.28%6341.33
9Silver Ore2,421,7842.27%6306.73
10Gold Ore1,144,7951.07%2981.24

--------------[Surface World Resources]--------------

RankResource NameAbsolute CountPercentageAverage Per Chunk
1Tuber Plant133,14522.24%346.73
2Glossy Starberry Vine70,45411.77%183.47
3Basic Boulder64,46810.77%167.89
4Exotic Tuber Plant36,8966.16%96.08
5Twisted Aloba36,3876.08%94.76
6Beanstalk Boulder34,8825.83%90.84
7Desert Sword29,9475.00%77.99
8Boulder Tower20,8823.49%54.380208333333336
9Starberry Vine20,6153.44%53.684895833333336
10Kranut Plant20,4793.42%53.330729166666664
11Waxy Tuber Plant17,1172.86%44.575520833333336
12Mottled Tar Spot Fungus16,5482.76%43.09375
13Oorum Wheat15,6062.61%40.640625
14Tinted-Burst Fungus15,4522.58%40.239583333333336
15Rosetta Nox15,4382.58%40.203125
16Oortian Rice15,4122.57%40.135416666666664
17Ancient Oat14,2232.38%37.0390625
18Oortian's Staff8,4261.41%21.942708333333332
19Tapered Boulder6,1901.03%16.119791666666668
20Juicy Starberry Vine3,4820.58%9.067708333333334
21Spineback Plant2,5140.42%6.546875

First and For most…
You obviously going To keep planet running… Is there 1 person Who makes the payment For the planet and fuels it?

If so
What happens when 1 person Who pays and fuels quits Or is having some irl issues?

Valid questions… Hope For valid answers too that clears this.

@Buugi one person is paying for it but with the way fuel purchases goes guild members can order a key and contribute as well to the legnth. However it will be added to frequently and will be kept paid well in advance so this is not an issue. We have planned for contingencies on this. @SClayton, @11Elvis11 and myself have already made this our perm home and have no intentions of letting it get even close to being lost. I hope this qualifies as a valid answer for you.



Wasnt mentioned anywhere so i thought i might ask… Cause my grasp with the sovereigns is the individual owning it.

Thanks For the answer.

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You didn’t mention lava towers but I presume you don’t want those either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love the puking dragon!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: @SClayton everyone thinks Draco is puking


I would think that guild with guild specific sovereigns will begin asking for contribution from their guilds to help with fuel key purchases, just as they ask them to participate helping in boosting their discord server if they can.

We would never require or expect it, but would not turn it away if guildies choose to help fueling. I know of several guilds where guildies have already helped extend their guild planet fuel. So with that info I think if this helps boundless grow more that it will become something we see more with the active guilds and their members helping support their guilds planet fuel.

So in essence this will probably be an issue for smaller groups but larger guilds I am sure will have members that help keep the planet fueled.

I also believe this may also help balance the guild loyalty issues of people joining the max guilds just to switch between for buffs and bounce around between which guild they are with. Not that it is a huge deal except it makes it hard to maintain endeavor to keep buffs going.

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Ok I have been getting asked a lot. Everything you see at our hub so far is 100% done from scratch without preplanning anything in 3d software.

This includes the dragon, portals, islands and buildings, right down to the grass and plant placements.

The dragon is 100% @SClayton and took around 2 weeks to build!


I’m fine with that. I just wanted to build something people (including myself) can like and enjoy. I don’t mind what they call it. :smiley:

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Added planet data to the bottom of the post!

I did forget to mention that we have a farming hub too. Not everything is find yet to open a portal but we have quite bit open.