Dragon's Lair Token Stamp Hunt - Dragon's Lair City

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:dragon: Dragon’s Lair :footprints: Token Hunt - Dragon’s Lair City

We at Dragon’s Lair are having a Search and find (Token hunt).
We would like to invite everyone to visit our settlement, explore and pick up a few tokens for prizes along the way =)

Event Located Next to hub!

The Rules are simple

Rule 1. 11 stands are hidden around Dragon’s Lair. All the places are accessible to the public, if a door is locked there is not a token behind it.
Rule 2. Collect 1 token from each stand you find.
Rule 3. You are welcome to share where you find the tokens but do your best to explore the city and find the tokens by yourself first. Do Not Share locations in the forum.
Rule 4. The Hidden Jackpot stand will have 1 token at a time and be moved after each find.(Max. 5 player, 500k coin each). Hints will be published if no one finds it. Can only be claimed once =)
Rule 5. Join the temporary guild(will be disbanded after the event)to access your prize chest with your name on it and place your tokens for redemption inside.

Send me a PM in game or Discord DwarfTree#9189 when tokens are deposited and ill place your prizes in the chest.

Prizes are as follows
1 Token = 3 Regen Bombs
2 Tokens = 1 SS Unforged Wayfarer Totems
3 Tokens = 2 SS Slingbow Augments
4 Tokens = 50 Mega Fast and 50 Mega Strenght Brews
5 Tokens = 450 Rough Topaz
6 Tokens = 3 Long range(emerald) Grapples, Hookshot upon request
7 Tokens = 3 T6 Speed hammers
8 Tokens = 1 SS Gleambow Augments
9 Tokens = 1 Weather Clearer Totem
10 Tokens = 50 Rough Oort
11 Tokens = First 10 get 100k Jackpot Prize*, After jackpots given out 50 Rough Umbris
12 Tokens (Hidden Jackpot), Max. 5 player, 500k coin each
*If won hidden jackpot Rough umbris takes the place for 100k coin.

Event runs :2022-11-02T05:00:00Z- 2022-12-01T05:59:00Z

Access to Dragon’s lair from TNT, Ultima US East-Maryx, EZPZ, Valhalla, DK Mall, Raxxian Sanctuary

The tokens are a phrase, and portal tokens(shop stands are in hidden mode so cant find with the knowledge tab)

No token hidden in water world, but do feel free to explore it plenty of exciting things there =)

No token is other side of the west river.

1* A place of work
2* Check the twins
3* A place of stature
4* Farmers favor this area
5* Gotta get the water flowing
6* Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
7* Why are there 5 green rings?
8* You buff believe it
9* High up in a place of color
10* Storm the castle
11* Not all who wander are lost in the dark


Congrats to all the Jackpot winners!

Jackpot Winners:
1st: @SephirothWS
3rd: @BabyCookie
4th: @Izzabell

Hidden Jackpot Winners:
1st: @QuimbyBoundless
2nd: @BabyCookie
3rd: @vertz
4th: @Izzabell
5th: Not found
Will update this reply as found…


This is an amazing game did this previously and had a blast.

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The first 9 tokens were fun, now I am just losing it. :S

The place is so massive, even with a 3080TI I am dropping frames to 30 and that combined with so many colors is really straining on the eyes.


I’m currently up to 6 tokens, and I’m losing my mind. I somehow found my way into some underground/water base and every door out seems to be locked. … Whoopsies… … took about 25 minutes to actually find the cavern I went through and find unlocked doors…

I had a doctor’s appointment I’ll be on later to look

There is not a token hidden in the water property =) so you dont get lost going forward ive updated the post.

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First of all - GO DO THIS EVENT!

Okay, so let me give me two cents on this event - THIS WAS FUN! It seems I was the first to find all 11 tokens and have been rewarded for it! :slight_smile:

I spent between 8 and 10 hrs today running around the place. I got to experience all the emotions - anger, frustration, eye pain, headache but also excitement, HUGE JOY and ultimately great satisfaction.

All I want to say is, go and check Dragon’s Lair out. It’s a massive place with lots of hidden things. I really had a good time and @Dwarftree and @Wondernut really deserve some love for this treasure hunt! You need to give it a shot!


I’ll be on tomorrow

We are having fun putting on events to entertain all. Glad you enjoyed running around our city!

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I have to agree with @QuimbyBoundless above. Definitely go out to :dragon:'s Lair and check out their amazing city. So many nice sights to see, so many nooks and crannies to get lost in. Definitely had a blast.

Thank you @Dwarftree and company for hosting an amazing event! Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next. :slight_smile:


Reminder this event goes all month and prizes are free only have to find the tokens =P plenty of tokens to go around, next 500k hidden jackpot token drops sunday!


second 500k hidden jackpot token is now hidden =)


Well it seems the second token has been Found congrats @BabyCookie, I will be Adding the third hidden jackpot now… also im going to add an additional 2 more HIDDEN jackpots! so there will be 5 in total


4th hidden 500k jackpot has been hidden =) happy hunting. Remember its a free event with free prizes for all who participate!


This was soooo fun Dwarftree. Thank you so much for having this great event.


I found 10 Tokens… the last one bugged me so i gave up…
I had fun doing the Token Hunt… seen the Dragon’s Lair City… 10x over and over and…
till i found 10 of them…

And for those who did visit and got lost in the Dragon’s Lair Water World… my apology’s…

I removed most of the locks except the one’s that go up and to the Library…
so you’ll will find more than 1 way to get “Un-lost” In the Water World, the next time you plan a visit…


Don’t forget you get a prize for each token you find!


Reminder this event is ongoing through the rest of NOV =)
5th hidden jackpot is hidden aswell…


Free Stuff for every token you find only a couple days left.