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As most are already Aware TNT has decided to shut down their network after quite a tenure as the go to network and a Majority of the world hosts for TNT will continue to be hosts through our Drag0n Network. Drag0n’s Lair would like to thank TNT for being a such a fantastic world host for so long, though their network will be missed we shall be seeing them in game as they have stated.

We would like to welcome everyone who has already joined our hub and thankyou for connecting.

If you would like to join our network and find some new places, there are Plenty of personal portals and Sovereign World portals available at our hub and can resize if needed. Contact us in game; @Dwarftree, @Wondernut, @Bedroc, @RavenMcGregor, @Nimz for resizing or sign labeling! Or on Discord: DragonsLair in the Portal request chat you are able to Ping us with @portal requests.

There is a T5 - T6 Portal network located in the center of the home worlds on the north wall of the hub.

All platforms have warp augments, conduit, Blank and full world atlases available for purchase. We also try and place a mapped Exo atlas and location tokens for every T7 planet that spawns as soon as possible. You can also warp from on the top of the building, except Norkyna due to plot height limit, however there is a warp spot added outside.

We Also have a dedicated hallway with information that can be helpful to new or returning players.
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At this time there is some helpful sites listed. And a Drag0n Community Color museum.
There is also a hunt board for dedicated hunts. Contact us to you have your regular hunt board listed. Drag0n’s lair currently hosts our hunts on Sundays at 5pm CST, 2023-02-12T23:00:00Z.

We would like to give special thanks to the TNT Guild, Roxie, @Bones(Bastion Concrete), and to the Build Guild, for their time and donations.


I was admiring your information hallway yesterday, great idea!


Just added this that @PrincessMaude created. She was hoping it could help others so I decided to share her board. I did embellish it a tiny bit lol!



I have this info in my hunt lodge and have added to our info hall. Credit @Miaii


Update on the sov wall, all 34 slots were filled so wall has been pushed back and hallway behind is no more. If you have a sov a new token is out infront of the new portal spot for you. Due to the inconvience of having to reopen your door please reach out for oort cost reimbursement =) Have a great day and stay boundless =)


thanks to @Dwarftree sov planets accessible from Dragons World Hub are doubled


Now what about the rest of us Dragons LOL! We have been very busy. The move gives us 10 more doors on that wall. There are a bunch of sovs in the T5-T6 network as well. I like it more to explore. Cheers!


Nice, well done. Nice change !


Upgrades are good. Loving the changes even if it’s a little inconvenient it’s always for the better. Great work from the Dragon’s :blush:


Have been using the hub daily and very grateful that the Dragons stepped up and have a lovely roomy hub for anyone and everyone to use :+1: (though there seem to be a couple of notable absences, which is a shame, but each to their own :man_shrugging:)
Some great builds going up around the hub as well…


Interested in displaying a resource available at your location or sovereign. We have room above your door to display it in the T5-T6 network. Do you have lots of a metal we can display a seam for you. Gleam, Combustion, Gems, Orbs. Also if you change your color of gleam let us know and we can help you update your display as well.


Kakarots my have locked and im stuck at work for a few hours will get this sorted out soon as possible! Please keep port up… will add a lot of time!!


There’s still 3 days and 18 hours left of your planet’s fuel.

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Sweet thank you so much for checking. I was nervous. :100: good looking out!


If we see a Sov world is locked we generally give it the two weeks until it reopens or disappears. Unless the owner informs us they are not renewing the planet.

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This seems to be currently the most used hub, correct? What is the main or busiest hub in this network please? Ty


Like busiest door? That would be hard to say without standing there and maybe watching them. Even then I see people in and out of a lot of doors.

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Should be Circa hub.


I’d assume the Circ world hub too, as it has all the connections to other worlds, and I know if I’m looking for a particular shop I go to the world hub first to see if the shop has a direct portal in the shops area.