Draw distance on PS4, huge blobs and not even that far away


Some may know how my workshop looks, it is on the big side, but it’s rather crazy that this stuff is happening lately since a little while:

I personally loved the lighting update, this ‘optimisation’ however I dislike with a passion.
It’s horrible to see what the game does with my workshop when I’m running thru it, sooooo not a fan of this.

Fun fact: on PC no such issues!

Please devs, change this since this is horrible to look at!

Also the frame rate seems worse lately but could be I’m liking the PC 60fps more and more…

@james any ideas what changed?


The framerate is definetly worse since last update^^


Ok the draw distance looks horrible, I did not even realize it since I was so caught up in my stutter problem, take a look at this EU Planet btw on PS4 Pro. Depth of field and Bloom on, Cookie said without depth and bloom it looks better ->


I personality don’t like the lighting update. It kinda ruined the look of my build making it way darker than it was. I had a nice set of gleam/leaves fluorescent combo and now it’s just dark and dull. The draw distance was never great but it seems even worse now…


I’ve made a short video earlier, need to edit it and upload, but there you can clearly see there’s a bug in the code, it’s a blocky mess, then gets better when coming closer, then all of a sudden becomes blocky again when yet even closer which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

So there have been changes made to the draw distance, at least on PS4. And I can’t believe the PS4 Pro is not capable of more anyway…


Cookie’s experiencing stutters now too on EU world. Never had stutters before (Cookie plays from US) PS 4 Pro too
@AeneaGames it is capabale of more we both know that^^


Look at AC. Odyssey and Final Fantasy XIV… I get budget is bigger but come on…


Ha! I even got bad connection errors yesterday BEFORE the Umbris planet spawned, didn’t make any sense. Ping seems higher lately than is usually the case. Seems some routes somewhere have changed (or server changes).

And yes, the Pro should be able to do way more, ah well. Let’s hope the PS5 will be supported when it releases!


Red dead redemption 2, heck No mans sky lol thats an indie.


Apples and oranges tho, different types of games, don’t forget those games use pre-made scenery, with Boundless it can all be changed by us block by block…


I meant for reflection on water for example.


True but the ps 4 pros core is way stronger than my old pc which I used to play highly modded MC which had a more than decent draw distance and framerate on servers.


Okay, sure, is just an optimisation tho on PS4, but am sure the Pro could handle it…


Oh easily. The game palettes are one of the best in any game I have seen. It is a huge shame it is so… blocky/blurry/poppety outy (new word, trending it)


Ooh the draw distance got bad I’m like 5 plots away


Before i was able to leave my draw distance at epic and just minimize other settings. I still got some blockiness on my machine but it was reasonable IMO even though I couldn’t render across my own build it’s the price I pay for playing on a “mini” pc.

Now I have had to turn it down to medium to deal with the new grass and foliage stuff, which means honestly I get the blocks and such as seen above within 7 - 10 plots or sometimes less. 5 might be accurate.

I haven’t tried a group hunt yet to see if settings this low will allow me to participate again. Even if they would stop the grass from moving non stop with the lowest terrain/foliage settings it would be a tremendous help.

As it is I’m thinking about mowing the grass at my base. With the draw distance setting so low it seems to trigger frequent refreshes and these typically lock my inputs for a few seconds just trying to get from my workshop to my portals.

Just got back online a little while ago. This is my current experience:


Here are 2 videos where you can see there’s a bug in the code where it removes the blockiness and then it pops back up:

And a screenshot from the complete video these 2 were taken from where it does indeed seem to be around like 5 plots:

Which is disgustingly low…

The lighting update is not something I felt I needed to quit over since to me it made it much better, but this, right here, makes me feel I wasted lots of time on my workshop so that it looks like a bunch of blobs to myself and every other PS4 owner…

Add the utter waste of time that inorganic crops feel to me (why waste time gathering, growing, tending, harvesting, crafting, etc. the new fuels when it only makes your furnace go faster when I more easily add double the amount of furnaces? why waste time on goo when you can only colour 1 block per spray can?), the waste of time the deco crops are (that’s a one and done for me, there are more fun things to do), the pushing thru of an update like with the buffer zone even tho the community kept explaining why it would be a bad thing in certain conditions, the endless waiting for the PS4 Deluxe Upgrade, the no roadmap, the not knowing what else the devs are working on and what will be released within the next 12 months, etc., etc. is all making sure I am having serious doubts if I will be playing this game in a few months…

Lots need to change…

Edit: if only I could play my PS4 characters on PC then at least the deluxe upgrade and this awful looking mess is a thing of the past…


That’s very similar to the “frequent refreshes” i mentioned above in the videos except it’s much more obvious in my machine. The world sort of fogs out again and then i can see it re-render out from my current position.


I’m also having issues with inconsistent tessellation since the update and I’m on PC. It’s affecting grappling because even terrain that is in range is sometimes not rendered properly, definitely worse than before.


Yeah I have that issue at times too. Happens more often lately than before.

Also clearly can see that the ping on EU servers has gone way up tho might have something to do with the actual, hardware, server since two EU planets are offline completely