DREAM BIG! Welcome Monumental Team, from old players

First and foremost - I want to say welcome to @monty1 and the Monumental team!

Secondly - thank you. I have maintained for a long time that Boundless is one of the best games that could have changed the world but missed the mark, and its downfall has been a very personal loss due to the amount of time and effort myself and many others put into building, hunting, mining, and organizing guilds, shops, and cities!

Third - I want to personally offer to help with ideas and designs once you get to that point (which I understand is probably not first concern!) - I am a developer as well and primarily work as a designer, and honestly I just love this game and would be glad to offer feedback on new directions and renewed efforts on old directions!

Lastly, I figured I might share some of my dreams that you might choose to follow up on, and I would like to invite other players to fill this thread with their dreams as well!!

  • Dynamic content: randomly generated, portal-instanced content to challenge players and provide long term gameplay!
  • Clothes: This one doesn’t need much explanation, lol
  • Magic: The world is already filled with wonder - creating a magic gauntlet that you can upgrade and imbue with spells (centraforge or new process that is similar?) would be a grand addition to the game! Like all things in Boundless, it should eventually decay and need to be recreated, and having the process be tricky will offer long term value to those who work hard to master it!

Thank you for starting the game @james and also thank you for being open to handing it off!

Boundless deserves a second life.

Salutes all around from the Forgemasters!


Thanks for the suggestions, Aridhol! We still have a lot to learn before we start planning on ways to extend the game but we will definitely stay engaged (and transparent) with the community.

Thanks again!


Going to agree wholeheartedly. I put a tremendous amount of time into Boundless and I STILL want it to be better than it is. (I’d love to play again).

Whatever you guys decide to do, I’m looking forward to seeing it. Good luck and please do keep us appraised on what you intend.

FWIW, I think there were three things holding it back:

  1. Combat system sucks. (The healing felt janky and difficult, just for starters–I’d have gone with a tank/healer/dps setup of some sort. The combat just needs to be solid and fun, not revolutionary.)
  2. No bosses to fight or end goals to conquer using all the cool tools that are there to be min-maxxed.
  3. Visiting obscure but cool properties didn’t provide enough boost. People like me (who built really sweet builds that were off the beaten path) didn’t get any boost off the system as it was.

Slowly but surely the team is expanding …
… at least over here on the forum :wink: :+1:

Welcome to this marvelous :boundless: game :wave:


All news from Monumental is very welcome news. No matter the size. Great to see another join the Forums. Hope they are wearing battle gear. As there are some salty’s. Mostly tho, really good people who want to see great success come from all of this. Again.

Welcome from all of us.


Woooo welcooome!

Offers teaching pie