Dropping items by 'x'

So dropping items from chest dont work and then it drops 15 of my 20 bomb charges instead

How strange. Does it only occur where the storage is located in the screenshot?

No it seems to be the first item in the box no matter what items are there

Thanks for the GIFs, I’ve added these to the bug database.

Also, I’m guessing it does not occur with storage blocks and shelves?

I had a similar issue…

The other day I was giving Gondor some bone, and it only let me drop the first stack. After that it would make the sound effect of dropping, but the items stayed in the crate. It was an Ornate Stone chest.

Another thing, the drag transfer between inventory and storage unit is super slow. I can repeat it daily in my workshop in Kindred Bay on Sorissi. It has been for sometime and I do not have the issue in my other workshop on Trior.

yea nothing happening here