Drops of Jupiter

I’m still thinking about how to tune the raindrops falling on earth.
I once made a simple Flash animation, completely 2 dimensional,
but the effect was rather effective.
It isn’t by any means fit for game graphics, but the principle is good.
It its comparable to a magnifying glass. Let’s assume a single drop
of water falls to earth and the spot it touches gets zoomed in or magnified
like in the pictures here.

I’ve seen a developer kit photograph made by Ben. and it kinda reminds me of this idea.
I kept that in mind for quite a while now. I absolutely LOVE Mincecraft’s rain animation. And
I have been thinking how Oort’s rain could be similarly appealling, but completely different in style.

@ben @james :gift_heart:


This is deep.:hushed:

Maybe this is closer to what you’re trying to explain?

Almost - I have been thinking about half spheres, not complete ones. As far as my insight goes, bumpmap or 3d information in general can be coded and made visually comprehensible in shades of color or color sheets. Second Life uses this technology in order to implement self generated 3d objects (made from an extern tool) into the software itself.