DSK Galaxy - Grand Opening in Duskmoor


To celebrate the opening of the DSK Galaxy and get more people involved tonight I will be giving away 900 shards to the first 5 people to PM me on discord Salt#8843. I am in the Duskmoor Chanel. portals should be 2x2 or larger. I will be online to help open portals this weekend and tonight after 5pm est.
We are located on Pheminorum, and can be reached from Legendville, Ultima DK tree,Hubbit, and a lot of other familiar places


Hi, You may have noticed by now the name change from Fairytales worlds hub to DSK Galaxy. You also may have noticed that some of the T6 hubs have gotten a face-lift! Fairy tales has turned the network over to new management. @[~DSK~] MonkMathers @Pfiffel @[~DSK~] General Shogun @[~DSK~] Salt Will be running and maintaining the network. We have just acquired our EU hub in partnership with Coinland(@cagian#1547 can assist with portal requests here) on Finata and will be opening 14 new portals to the EU worlds!! US West & Australia to come soon. Thank you all for your support in advance, this is a great step for our city. Our portal hubs have a new philosophy. We will be looking to open our end portals to active T1-T3 communities with a direct link. There will be no player portals at the end, we will leave that business to the communities we link to.
Our Circipus Hub will land in Nixia, one of the most beautiful cities in the game!


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