DSK Galaxy - Grand Opening in Duskmoor

   DSK Galaxy Network 

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Welcome to the resource guide for the
DSK Galaxy network, listed are all the resource connections at each planetary hub

For portal requests on the T4-T6 network and the US East Hub on Pheminorum
please contact:
@General Shogun
or @Pfiffel

For portal requests in the EU hub
please contact:

:earth_americas: Norkyna:
Bob’s Farm Hub
:leaves: Inky leaf
:axe: Tangle & Corruption (Shadow/Vital Orbs)

DSK farms
:leaves: Inky leaf
:high_brightness: Cold Teal Gleam

:high_brightness: Cold Teal Gleam

:earth_americas: Houchus l:

:high_brightness: White Gleam

:earth_americas: Kol Huroo:

:high_brightness: Cold Tan Gleam

:earth_americas: Malurialakrib:

:high_brightness: Stale Moss Gleam

DSK Farms
:axe: Corruption (Shadow Orbs)
:shovel: Sand & Olivine

Blingz Mining
:d_hammer: Public Diamond Mine :gem1:

:earth_americas: Galan:

:high_brightness: Light Tan Gleam
:d_hammer: Black Glass (Access in gleam farm)

Bob’s Farms
:shovel: Shimmering Orbs

DSK Farms
:d_hammer: Black Glass
:shovel: Shimmering Orbs

Blingz Mining
:d_hammer: Public Sapphire & Topaz Mine

:earth_americas: Alcyon:

:high_brightness: Light Lilac Gleam
:axe: Corruption & Growth (Shadow/Shimmering Orbs)

Bob’s Farms
:shovel: Gravel (Saltpetre)

DSK Farms
:axe: Bark & Sap (1 tree)
:axe: Bark & Sap (2 trees)

Blingz Mining
:d_hammer: Public Ruby Mine

:earth_americas: Shedu Tier:

DSK Farms (Basement of hub)
:axe: Mold & Sponge (Pulsating Orbs)
:axe: Tangle (Vital Orbs)
:high_brightness: Bright Magenta Gleam

Bob’s Farms
:shovel: Mud (Exotic Yams) :exoyam:

Blingz Mining
:d_hammer: Public Amethyst & Emerald Mine :gem2:

:earth_americas: Cardass:

:high_brightness: Silk Teal Gleam

:earth_americas: Alnitans:

:high_brightness: Stark Yellow Gleam

:earth_americas: Besevrona:

DSK Farms
:axe: Bark & Sap
:shovel: Gravel (Saltpetre)

Fortunist Farm Hub
:mushroom: Shadow Orbs (3 Farms)
:seedling: Reactive Lamella
:d_hammer: Public Emerald Mine

Blingz Mining
:mushroom: Shadow Orbs + Road Runners :roadrunner~1::feather:

:earth_americas: Flan:

Fireborn Farm Hub
:shovel: Peaty Soil/Mud/Clay Soil
:axe: Sap and Bark
:high_brightness: Bright Blue Gleam

:earth_americas: Serpensarindi:

:high_brightness: Silk Yellow Gleam

:earth_americas: Till:

:high_brightness: Pale Lilac Gleam

Duskmoor, the 2nd largest city (and growing) in the galaxy, is excited to announce DSK Galaxy located in Duskmoor Town Center! DSK Galaxy will serve as a “main hub” for many Boundless players and compliment the many hubs, malls, shopping networks etc. that already exist in Duskmoor Town Center – all just a few steps in any direction =)

Some information on DSK Galaxy:

-Unlike other huge sprawling hubs, DSK Galaxy stays with Duskmoor Town Center’s theme of density and keeps hubs, portals and gathering spots all within a few steps of each other; find it ALL fast =)
-Galactic Gathering for hunts (including Exo/T7 hunts) is just a couple of plots away, The most active US time zone hunt schedule.
-Other major hubs are also close at hand: Fairy Tales Portal network, Portal Seekers Biitula, Hubbit, Ultima HQ (new & old), Legendville, La Familia and more – including most major malls and important points of interest with Boundless.
-The entirety of DSK Galaxy is highly visible making any spot valuable and EASY to access.
-We will customize any portal to your preference.
-Any and all users are welcome whether you are a major hub, mall, town, or individual house/shop owner.

Come by and grab a prefabricated portal/token, or contact us via Discord, General Shogun#5478 or Salt#8843, or drop a message, question or comment here.


This is great, I was hoping for a hub, now we need a resource center with farms.


You should totally post pictures because it’s also got quite an aesthetic.


CorVeritas - you read our minds =)

Pics incoming in an hour or so.




That is gorgeous!!! Amazing job!!!


So this is portal hub? Was a bit confused first


Needs more blue stone, like PS Biitula =)


What planet is this on? I forget where duskmoor is lol. i’ll be linking my shop to a few places soon and may be interested depending on location.


What planet is this on? I forget where duskmoor is lol. i’ll be linking my shop to a few places soon and may be interested depending on location.

It is Pheminorum :smiley:


This is our Main Hub and the Portal mall is located right beside it. We are a great City to link to specifically for US East & West due to lower portal shard costs but all are welcome!!! We are the # 2 City in the galaxy and connected to everywhere.



:tada: :trophy: :clap:


5 Portals opened this week, very exciting!! Hoping this will be the DK Mall for US players!!!


More portals opened…very excited in helping connect the world


Fun fact: Dk is a US player and the portals there are non-region specific. Neither is his Ultima Tree on Eresho BTW!


Hi Arena Games, i believe you are misunderstanding my message, the value to US players is to open portals in a mall that cost a fraction of the shard price. It not meant as a competition between US and Europe, I want to give the little guys a centralized place to a portal mall for cheap, In the largest most active city in the US time zone. I will Plan on linking up with DK to give everyone even more exposure.


I saw this in Galaxy this morning:

DK also has a very large mall in US East with us, too.


1st floor is 75% occupied already…the Boundless Community ROCKS…opening more portals on the 2nd floor this weekend…ALL as easily accessed and visible as the 1st floor.

Anything Duskmoor can do to help you grow and pay less to do so, please let us know!


Buying my shotgun slingbows in shotgun messiah will be helpful :grin::grin:


Hahaha! We do have a portal directly to the Slingbow Depot right at our city center. Also, we sell them at a couple different stores right Within the vicinity of the town center!! The elite wildstock waster @Dexx666 sell some pretty awesome forged items as well at his shop next to my LED store there!