Dublicating blocks [slabs]

I’m doing a complete romodding of my house on AGABAB (my door is open at Localblock 6,83,0)
One of the things i started doing was moving wooden slabs down half a block. I started with two or three slabs
and now that I am done, I have nearly 200.
I don’t know if it applies to any other blocks, I didn’t notice

I’m trying to find the question here, and failing. Are you saying that you started with x number of blocks and when you finished you had x + n? When you destroy a block that can be picked up afterward, you pick it up automatically if you’re in range. Could that be what happened?

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No I started with just 2 slabs.
I wanted to reposition my floor (also slabs)
Lets say I have eg. 200 slabs on my floor.
I then dismounted all of them leaving X amount of slabs (X+2)
I then placed 200 slabs for the new floor (X+2-200) which should = 2 slabs.
The thing is. I now have nearly 200 slabs in my inventory.
I made a video of it.

you maybe were on infinite mode

If you watch the video, you can clearly see that I’m not and its still doing it.
I don’t even know how to set it to infinite mode.

ya press ,

Thank you… But that’s not really the issue.
In the video I posted. have have 2 stacks of 99 slabs and one in my hand, a stack of 93.
I then place 1 of the slabs on the ground leaving me with 92 in said stack. I dismount it and pick it up.
I then have 94 slabs in said stack. So yes, They are dublicating.

If only my wallet could do that.


I’m getting the same issue. I picked up a single stone floor slab and had two in my my inventory on pickup. This also happened with the wall slabs.

I have not tested this with other materials or on other worlds.