Dumb Question about Beacons

I have several beacons that I tore down long ago that I can still somehow warp to from the sanctum

In other words, the beacons are long gone but I can still warp to their locations.

Are those still counting as used plots? I recently tore down my base but am still showing a fair number of plots being used

thanks in advance

If they were completely remove you’re good, they won’t count as plots being used. You have to manually remove the beacon from you list to not see them anymore

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I’m on a PS4 and I think I read that the manual removal isn’t working. In fact, I no longer see the remove beacon option. Could be wrong though.

If the removed beacon was your home beacon you won’t be able to remove it until you set a new beacon as your home beacon. Maybe that’s what’s going on here?

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PS4 beacon removal is fixed. You can’t click the X to remove it though, have to open and scroll to [Remove Beacon]

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