Dumb question but how do I know the name of the capitol?


I’ve neve paid any attention to the name of the capitol of a planet. Didn’t seem important to me. Maybe dumb, but I didn’t plan on living close by so didn’t care.

Well, got a bit of a shock today. Went to play and when I arrived instead of being told I was on MadDoctor’s Island I was told I was on another settlement. yell for my son and he goes checking; seems that a city is expanding.
I’m making a guess but from what we could gather, they have placed a row of single plots from their city and “annexed” (a takeover?) by placing them in a line to our settlement. They haven’t surrounded us, just connected us to them.
They have also connected to Microasia, which we wouldn’t have minded, but she is now connected to this city. We don’t know if others have been connected, we didn’t go any further than seeing where the line of plots went. It had looked as if it was a settlement planning on growing, but when I returned home, the portal I went through to get to the one to our home was the name of the city that has merged us to them.
Thinking they want to become the capitol, but that is a guess.
I’m guessing there is nothing we can do, we are stuck being part of this city, or moving to another area. I can’t see why he would want to have the area we are in. There is nothing special about it.


looks like just a street builder… its weird that u get connected with a single row of plots >.<
u can also try to take over the mayor title and get ur settlement name back when u get more prestige together than the current mayor


Went shopping at the two new malls and when I came back through the portal to Tana VII the city was the one that had merged our settlement, our neighbors with them.
As for weird, not if you think of it as being a road to settlements. The person starts from their city, heads toward settlements he wants to expand and connect to so he can become the capitol and puts enough plots down to make a connection. My son’s base is on a lake. The lady behind my son has put a bridge across the lake with one plot separating her from my son.
He came down the side of her settlement placing plots, connecting to where the bridge was and was able to connect to my son’s base in the lake. I am connected to my son’s base, so he sucked me in when he took over my son’s base.
He hasn’t gone around the sides, just one side of my son’s base and around one side of the lady’s base. Technically, he isn’t breaking any rules. Just took away our right to make a choice to merge or not.
Probably so he can be king of the mountain.


To answer the question in the title: you can go to the Places menu, look under Worlds, and under Current World it should say the top five cities (you might need to expand the info by clicking the world name). The capital is #1 on the list.


Thank you. Will check it out later or maybe tomorrow to see what the capital of Tana VII is, I don’t think it is this person’s as the city he has is too small. Guessing he wants to be the capital and is taking over places that give him quick prestige. Not that we have that much, but when you add in several small settlements it can add up quickly,