Dungeon Items

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Stuff to make our own Dungeons.

Hazard Blocks:

  • Poking Spikes
  • Rollers
  • Electrocution
  • Falling rails
  • Crumbling Stone

Elemental Hazard Blocks:

  • Acid Gas
  • Costic Smoke
  • Cold Shock
  • Scalding Hot Steam
  • Flames


  • Craftable Traps
  • Farmable Minions
  • Treasure Chests
  • Craftable Weapons
  • Craftable Crushing/Chopping Contrapments

These are some of my thoughts for personal dungeon creation. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


At first when I saw the post, I thought it was a dev post with things they were working on for the dungeon creations.

I was thinking oh man farming, and now a surprise about about also dungeons being worked on… Oh man, see that’s what happens before coffee is on board. Now I just feel super let down.

Also, I like your ideas.


What would help them is ideas on how we could design them… how would they fit into the worlds and how would people interact with them.

One of the likely solutions that will be used is the Sanctum editor to help us be able to create them and very likely Exos are where they will show. But, they need help on how it would fit into the game workflow.

If people could add those ideas I think it would help the devs flush out things more…


Oh no. Sorry about that. :wink: I was hoping to inspire the devs, because I had finished a staircase down to a cave system and thought it would be nice to turn it into a dungeon. :smiley:

Yes, I do have some ideas on what we could do with the items. But I’ll have to commit some more time to the ideas before I make the post.

It would be interesting to see what other players think they would do with these items and other items to be invented of course.