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Came up with an idea of how dungeons need to be added to the game.
Randomly throughout the worlds, there should be portals that open up that are protected by monsters and are only open for a limited amount of time.
The portals need to lead to a procedurally generated area like a moon or other area that is separate from the world you were on and they need to be instanced so when say 10 or so people enter the portal, a new instance of the “dungeon” opens up. This will make it so as many people that want to partake can without it bogging down or filling up the worlds.
For this to work best, a simple party system should be implemented so friends can get to the same instance.
The more people entering the instance the higher the difficulty gets.
Inside these dungeons there should be an assortment of monsters as well as scavenger hunt style challenges to progress. Some of the challenges should require gathering particular materials as well as challenges that require building.
The dungeons should act like beaconed land for all who are inside so that crafters could build a small work stations to craft things for the group.
All dungeons should have mini-bosses and a huge final boss that leads to a treasure room (treasure being credits. oortstone, ore, pre-forged weapons and tools, etc).
After defeating the final boss, participants would get treasure (on top of the treasure they find/earn on the way) and an exit portal would open up, spitting them back to the planet they were on before.

Instances of this are the best way to go about it because then the dungeons wouldn’t get camped or over farmed and the devs wouldn’t have to try and work around peoples builds.
You would have to search the worlds looking for the open portals therefore increasing exploration and it totally fits with the ancient oort lore.