Duplicated Settlement Names due to Guild Alignment

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I like both ideas! I think that one of both indeed should happen :slight_smile:

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If a settlement is part of another settlement it should not be displayed seperately.


Are you saying aligned beacons should not be displayed as a separate settlements?

Perhaps add if they have rhe same name

So are you suggesting settlements should only merge if they have the same name?


I am suggesting that if a sub-settlement, ie. the guild one, has the same name as the greater settlement they are in then do not list the sub settlement in the Worlds tab.

If they don’t have the same name list them both since that might mean there was a merge at one point.

Only actual true settlements should show in the world settlement list. I can no longer view the top 5 settlements because of this. Guild settlements should keep their name, and there should be a separate list for guilds.


Yeah that is what I proposed earlier as well but then I realised that if town A took over town B and guild A has more prestige than guild B then the overal ‘true/greater/whatever you wanna call it’ settlement will then replace A’s entry and town A will never be listed again.

Hence why I said that they should only show the greater settlement and not the one located with in it IF, and only IF the 2 are named exactly the same. If they are different then they should still be listed as a seperate entity.


James agrees it needs to be improved:


Can any beacon on any planet align with a guild? - if that’s the case the leaderboard for Guilds should show the total prestige for all planets.

+1 for the Worlds -> Settlements to only show the “greater” settlement.


The issue with keeping both and only showing the prestige of both greater settlement and guild settlement unless they are named the same is the fact it’s still open to abuse since someone could name their settlement “Town” and then they align and call it “Town2” and both would still be listed since the names are different.

And he also agrees with what I said :wink:

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Why would anyone want to have the lesser settlement have a different name just so it can be listed twice?

I don’t see the point…

Prestige should not be counted twice in a single leader board.

First and second place of Niia are the same thing (see coords), but with a different name. There is no sane reason why the second biggest city should be moved to place three because of that.

9,246,499 Bayern Niia Zed Ka -352N 80E
8,178,066 Orden des Steins Niia Zed Ka -352N 80E
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All I’m saying is that that system is open to abuse, we already have people abusing the game by spam building with machined metal blocks so they climb the leaderboard without actually putting effort into building.

One reason could abuse in this way is to take attention off other settlements and put it onto them.

But I already know of guilds settlements with different names than the settlements so unfortunately this wouldn’t solve the entire problem.

To me it makes the most sense to remove guild settlements from the world leaderboards and make a separate world leaderboard for guilds as a whole.

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I like this idea. Guild aligned beacons should contribute to a separate tab but they should also fix it that when you enter a settlement it displays the greater settlement ranking and name rather than the sub(guild) settlement name/ranking.

Does anyone know if this has been discussed further elsewhere?


apparently its being ignored


Just found this thread, been discussing it here on the forum today.

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