DUSKMOOR "NO-WALLS" MALL - Everything Thread


Duskmoor “No-Walls” Mall has portals to/from Ultima HQ Hub, Portal Seekers Gyosha Ophin Hub, THE CRYPT Hub, Legendville Hub, Quebec Mall, DK’s Legendville Mall, Infinity Mall, Wally World, Duskmoor Town Center & more. Personal portals can be claimed at any time. DM me via Discord - General Shogun#5478 or Letter Box me in game @ General Shogun. “How to get a shop” & more mall information is pinned in Duskmoor Mall Discord - https://discord.gg/sQSqKCx

Also, feel free to post here any shop/stall you’d like or ask any questions =)


Its sooo much easier to shop here for anything you need/want, when you can see everything people are selling VERY easily!!! Love the concept! Excellent job @Sho!

~LED~ store wil be running a sale only at this no walls mall, this coming weekend on Saturday only! Get all your LED needs for only 30c a piece!!! That’s almost 50% off!!!


Come one come all,
Come check out Duskmoor Mall.

One stop shopping,
conveniently located from all major portals, look for portals to Duskmoor Phemnorium
Or look for the Duskmoor Mall portal
in every major portal system today.

Come shop this wonderful no walls mall concept
or open a shop in the mall today.

Duskmoor is an active great city &
our mall is conveniently open 24/7.:hugs:


Loving the openness of the mall. Certainly helps in delivering footfall in a manner that allows for “freeflow of traffic” so to speak. :slight_smile: