Dying creatures?

I was just roaming around and came across my first batch on NPC’s (I’m fairly new).
These animal-like creatures I’m sure aren’t going to be left with such lack of detail and gold (lol) when the first open testing stages are released. But whilst watching their every move, I had a thought…

What if these animals or whatever you’d like to call them had lifespans, for example if you were to lock one in a room with no escape, after a certain period of time it would die due to lack of food and water? - I can imagine this being pretty hard to implement into the game it’s just a rough idea.

Maybe even as a community we’d have to look after these creatures and feed them their preferred food/drink? Or even to have one of such as a companion I think would be pretty cool. Opinions?


:pray: Awesome idea! :pray:

Maybe not even so hard to implement and even easier to associate to Tamagotchi. Although I wouldn’t want to compare pebbles to rocks.
Such things give me hope for a good and interesting game. :heart:

I would think that certain creatures would have really long lifespans just to not annoy the players too much. But, what if leaving them locked up or in a container/area not suitable for them or not giving them proper nutrition could cause them to be ‘depressed’ and would shorten their lifespan. :lester:


Maybe we should stick to the food allrounder ‘Apple’ ( :apple: , :green_apple:) in order to provide something crunchy, delicious and entertaining to the creatures. Furthermore squishy, munchy stuffs like Tangerines ( :tangerine: ) for the skilled creatures ( :monkey_face: , :monkey:) who know how to steal and peel a fruit. :lester:

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They already actually “die” If the chunk they are in is unloaded, they will disappear forever, and when you return new ones will spawn as you move around. It’s like a continuous death and rebirth deal.


May be they spawn in different age categories in the wilds, so you would have young ones, adults and elders. In beacons they should be saved and aging over time due to farming concepts.