Dzassak sedi rock farm?

I need a…well, lot of Dzassak’s sedi rock. Quite a lot. I thought my 18,000 were enough for a while upon my return, but I was laughably wrong.

The rock is Weary Teal, but I don’t have much coin at all since I haven’t done any trading or selling for such since I came from a few years of a break, back a week ago.

If anyone has some they don’t need, or know of a spot for me to harvest it myself, I’d be really grateful.

Spare stones of the same rock is appreciated too, if you have some you’ve grinded into xp.

can you check gtg/tnt dzassak hub? im sure i saw farms at t1 planets but cant reckon at which ones

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Let me know when you’re planning to be in game. I’ll give you some coin and will go now to grab some Dzassak Sed.

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Oh I’m on right now, just about to show up back at the RTG portal hub. Thankfully, said hub isn’t too far from where I’ve been settled at.

I’ll make my way to the RTG hub then.

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i have loads i can give you some

portal at the rtg portal hub on dzassak ascent i dont have a farm but i could give you some i think i have loads or i used it

used almost all of it haha