Easiest way to hunt roadrunners?


Titanium bombs have worked well with dmg bonuses. It takes some getting used to, but works


I kill them pretty regularly and consider them free experience when I see them. I have max stealth (epic, max control, and max bonus attributes), so they will not run away from me until I get maybe four or five blocks close to them. I also have max power and the damage epic. If they have a green health bar, my Explorer’s Fist one-shots them. If their health bar is Blue or Purple, I grapple them first and then it takes two or three fist hits after that.


I know it has been a while, but I wanted to come back this thread and report that T6 Planet Roadrunners (as well as some other creatures) seem to be highly resistant to stealth, so it is more difficupt to get in range to one shot or grapple them.


First, you’re gonna want 2 skill points into Acme crafting…


Nah for real though, the Puddini method (my character) - max points into Slingbow damage and all related damage boosters, plain iron slingbow, and 6+ points into the run speed skill… then just run up on them reeally fast while firing. They die before they notice you as long as your shots hit. You have approximately 3 seconds from the moment they first notice you until they run. 1-shot any who don’t have bonus health. And if they run, just rinse and repeat, they don’t run fat and are very forgetful.


Bombs are insanely effective


Forge with lightness gum. Get a max-range boon. Snipe the chickens !


I’ve been having a bit more luck thanks to you guys!
It seems that grapples are more likely to break off if I hit reel in before it connects with the runner… just an observation


I can’t seem to see any pattern when it breaks. I had better results with unforged, lower tier resource grapples for some reason. They keep scooting away and breaking the connection now, without R pressed. shrug


video guide for roadrunner hunting