Easiest way to hunt roadrunners?


So i run into a few birds now and then, and I’m pretty much stuck in the iron age (not a complaint). The weakest ones happen to run into an iron sling bullet now and then and seem to die about 50% of the time if my crit rate is lucky that day.

They can clean bolt away from my iron grapple, so theres no holding on to them either.

So far I’ve found 2 options -

  1. Get a hold of them on an ice sheet, then their feet spin like the acme roadrunner and i can just jump on over and whack them.
  2. “Persuade” them to run away in the general direction of a lava lake, then fish out their dead bodies with a grapple

Any other advice on how to snag these buggers without a long range / very fast gun?


I forget what it’s called (maybe intelligence), but there’s a stat that lets you get closer to creeps without them aggroing onto you.

Just spec into that and you can get closer to them before they run away.


Epic shadow, let you get near them and shoot 2-3 shots.


Go to ice biomes, they can’t run on them. GG


Define “near”


Hire a Coyote from Acme


I learned today that if you can get them in water you can swim right up underneath them and they wont run/swim away.


You can use grapples on them. It’s a pretty far range too. You grapple them, real them in, use first / bow to shoot them at a distance. Free kill :slight_smile:


Less then 10 blocks with only the epic (No intelligence). Using creep without epic i only get 1 shot before they out of range. Maybe repeat epic help to (I have not test it.).


I’ve used a gold grapple due to its range but I found it hit or miss and they’d still run


Paint a tunnel on the side of a mountain.


What I’ve found is if the ground is uneven / if you jump, it seems to release the grapple on them. I’ve used iron with no problem from what I recall.


i have no points in Agi, but i can usually keep up with Roadrunners in the water.


Drop an anvil on it


If you’re willing to drop some skill points in it, Shadow Effect Epic and/or Control Bonus are your best bets. You can get close enough to grapple them then slingbow/fist them to death. You will have to run in the same direction as them or they will snap the grapple (unless they are in water or on ice, then they are helpless). I’ve got both Shadow Epic and max Control on one of my characters and it can get ridiculously close to mobs. It is not my hunter that is good at taking down road runners. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note that the more powerful prefix they have, the higher detection range they have which will negate the shadow effect slightly.


Somehow never considered using my stealthy alt to hunt them, thanks for all the great ideas. And the anvil.


I found a gold glove that has a range of 29m. I never see them run anymore. I just rocket socket them now. 5k damage is one hit kill. Seems like if you had a bow that has that range it would as well.


Buy a relatively cheap roadrunner killer in a shop, as I did (and now I forge & sell occasionally as they are so useful).


Roadrunner killer?


Base bow + range boon + light projectile boon, optionally spread fire boon for spray & pray if you have trouble with aiming.