Easy boundless ladder/stairs handy for corners

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i would like to share my little trick to create stairs/ladder when you are limited in space
but have 1 or more floors, not sure if it has been posted.
nice and easy corner ladder

and one by @Ovis


Yeah this has been done before by Ovis.


I have improved it since back then:

Instead of making the chisel gaps 0.5 tall, make them 1 block in height, but keep the unchiselled parts 0.5

You’ll zoom up there much faster :slight_smile:


ill add it to the first post :fist_right: :fist_left:


Love that type of stairs/ladder and looks also decent as some people would have it as normal style in their creations :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Ovis’s version before. It’s cool that it still works even its not shown from the other side.

That way everyone can decide what they want to go for. I prefer though the visible version so it’s not confusing the heck out of people, pointing at a corner via sign and say, invisible ladder :joy:

These creations need more attention!
As I said, whether have I seen it somewhere else used, nor have I seen the video before as I’m not browsing through all videos just like that or old posts.


Used it on my sandcastle build. I must admit, it’s not pretty how I did it, because my building wasn’t quite good planned out… but better than stairs all around the building


I would have loved a tutorial to build a spiral staircase… It took me a while to make something acceptable :sweat_smile:

I got one in my sandcastle, i think the type you mean, but it’s not too pretty