Eco city ( open for everyone)


Hello im Buugi.
Im always looking for something to build… are you like me?

Yesterday i searched around Nia Zed Ka and found nice place for my build project wich is going to be "eco friendly ".
Im happy to say theres some neighbours around me but im missing many… could it be you?

Im open for any kind of buildings and styles but one thing i would like to ask is that those would be somewhat “ecofriendly” this means i kindly ask no gleam towers etc.

Are you interested to build massive megacity with me? This is for everyone… new or old. Friend or foe. Come and join. Find a place… no restrictions that comes to size.

Come to do side project or just “ill build here to chill and get away from my other stuff”

Im gonna update this topic with coordinates when i get ingame.

Some inspirational pics below.



Oh oh, that is very close to our site, we also wanted to start a city, then good luck and good neighborhood.


Im all up for linking my project to yours if you like? Im not rly sure is your place that one on the background?
Im friendly and not building for prestige i build for the looks.


The background is Marrs, my project is still a few meters behind. - I ask my project partner because of a merger, because we can not build nicely and could possibly need someone or at least some tips :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey we are all big family! Im happy to help you


Wow. I’m curious how it will look finished.


Ye its a “big one” 15 plots x 8plots


Dude, i would join if it was on a US east server. Love the idea.


I mainly play on beckon and im from Eu. I didnt choose planet cause im from Eu its just cause i like the athmosphere ^^.
You can come give it a shot but i totally understand your point of view


I con only play on EU servers for certain time periods. my evening, in US, it is sooo laggy its unplayable.

I will come check it out every so often though.


Got the idea while i was browsing inpirational photos. I always liked nature themed builds but i know this is kinda a way to get more people involved wheb you are not rly restricting so many things


Where are you planning this build, I would like to make a mega tower with a park level on each layer depicting plant life you find on every planet. Wish we had water blocks. I feel inspired.