dont do it they will call everything aquatopia and everybody will be confused :rofl:


we got neat little sign to show we mean business.

First settlers has arrived to ECO! welcome Edwe and XATH

little organic farm (nothing too fancy)

For roads we are going to use Gravel found in Dzassak


I hope you used recycled materials :smirk:


actually used tita sign cause it glows. :stuck_out_tongue:

if people nag about that let them ^^



So nice .
I actually made some extensions to other side of the hill. We have now tunnel that goes there :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw the tunnel, very nice place on the other side.


Yeap thats why i did it. Just thoight ways to connect it to Eco and tunnel seemed the best


several planets becoming one ^^ i believe there is surface plants/rocks from 10 different planets there.
also added foliage from Crav (exo) there to give some color


I used some plants, foliage and wood from exoworlds too. It looks very nice!
I was thinking to replace “normal” blocks to make all with exo once in Eco’s style.