Economy Ups and Downs


I think we will see boundless rebound with player base with the decline of AAA hype once people have run their course on those games.

Will be an up and down wave of activity with new games coming out.

But I think overtime activity and player count will increase steadily from here on out.


Like other MMOs I do not like the alt idea, a few more organized skills in the skill tree for really honing in on a class and playing it instead of using alts I think would truly bring people together and I think the builds would change, more collaboration would be required. Could possibly solve alot of issues, even with individuals plotting and taking over with prestige, would be harder.


My take is with the influx of new players the economy took full advantage and prices sored ridiculously high and out of control.

The focus was a rush for gems and powered machines. Now that a lot of players have reached that plateau the current economy has too much supply and needs to correct just like a real world economy. Items are only worth what people are willing to pay!

Let’s face it, almost everyone had a shop! (The journal gives you xp for it!) And not everyone wants to have a shop. Very soon some shops will disappear and those players will find other niches of the game they enjoy. IT WILL TAKE MORE TIME, but it will BALANCE itself out.

I actually think it’s very fun and interesting to watch this!


Personally I’d like to see power coils not be repairable and instead just completely break once used up. Maybe increase the durability by 10x what it currently is so one doesn’t have to replace them daily (maybe every few weeks with regular use) but requiring the player base to acquire new coils on a semi-regular basis would breathe a lot of life into the economy when you factor all the different materials & ores used to make them.

A rebalancing of the forging process would be nice too. Now with all the tool updates a variety of tools for mid tier people to use is great but forging enhancements to those tools is still extremely costly.

I personally would like to see low cost forging recipes that are only usable on metal tools so it makes it worthwhile for people to forge mid-tier items as well while keeping the price point reasonable that mid-tier players can afford it.

I think they (the devs) did a good step with balancing out all the tools across the board but more needs to be done to encourage a lot more item consumption above and beyond simply making recipes more expensive.

Otherwise new players will be the only thing that drives most of the economy (and only for while they’re new players) and I don’t see there being a huge rush of people into the game unless they significantly lower the price of entry


Or have to refine a power source to recharge power coils instead of repair. I love complicated! Lol


Ooh, that could be a good idea as well. Needing to repair the coils in a machine using a bit of all the materials required to initially craft it. That could open a whole new industry of repair shops in the game


My initial thought is that it sounds like a tedious thing to do. Repairing power coils is already a waste of time. Having to replace or craft another item to repair them or recharge them is no different than using a spanner on them to repair em.

Honestly, if you’re repairing the machine, it should repair the power coils at the same time. Repairing your stuff is 100% a waste of time. I’d prefer we didn’t have to do it at all.


It is a lot different than using a spanner. If it’s limited to only needing to do it every week or so, it’s just regular maintenance for a high volume crafter…similar to using a spanner but a lot LESS often than having to use a spanner.

Secondly if it’s consuming a portion of materials that make up the ingredients of the coil it adds to ongoing item consumption requirements for every high tier crafter in the game. Right now coils are a one-time sell to every player which is great for short bursts like we’ve seen, but once everyone has all they need…everything comes to a halt. This forces some ongoing consumption.

It would be a little bit more pain in the ass since crafters would have an occasional step beyond spannering their coils but if it’s something you only have to deal with every couple weeks that’s a small price to pay to keep the economy flowing.


No thanks. Once a week is still tedious.

The only solution to power coil repair that I’ve liked that someone has come up with is they get repaired with the machine getting repaired. Everything else sounds just as bad as a spanner repairing them, forged or not.

What we really need is more crafting recipes for the same materials to increase their demand from players in general. That actually helps the economy more.


What if it was a crafted repair kit that you use on the machine and it repairs all the coils attached to it as well?

Removes all the spanner spam and gives a way to drain resources out of the economy


Bark and wild eyes both pay well and are trivial to farm sub 20 on T3.


As someone who wastes a lot of time repairing coils slready, please no! :sweat_smile:

Edit: You already need spanners, no need to add aditional crafting time to the repairs by making it a different item.


Replacing coils is non-trivial for people that don’t want to mine, and you need many coils on just about every machine to do any one specialized task well. This pushes out all the builders, cooks, decorative crafters from being able to keep their production running. I think you would need to make a series of other changes along side this if this were to be implemented.


Repairing stuff is a waste of time in general. So any real solution to eliminate the time wasted in repairing stuff is a huge quality of life. Spark Generators need this too… along with Crafting Tables. Honestly, just don’t have them take a durability hit would be an improvement. But what you’re really suggesting is to just use an item to repair everything at once. Makes no difference if you’re crafting a new item or a spanner if everything is getting repaired from the act of repairing the machine. So the repair kit would be a waste of developer time to put into the game cause you’re basically asking for a new item that does what the spanner should be doing in the first place.

Kind of wish there was a quality of life improvement to shop stands too, such as being able to tick a check box or something to draw items directly from my character inventory to stock it. So stacks of 100 don’t smart stack up and spread out across all 16 item slots. That way you have 16 slots of 100 unit stacks.


It took me a month to get my WB power coils. Most of my machines STILL don’t have power.


how can people state here that crafting forged stuff takes huge ressource expenditure, and in the same breath saying that demand and need for economy and gems is low >.<

now that people have stacks of gems, they make weapons and tools out of it and use it to get forging material and lvl their alts and build and help new player to advance faster.
i dont see the economy failing right now, just because some ressources u collected dont find a buyer that easily


Because many of the people making those tools are likely also using them to mine out their own gems (which is obviously fine), and not needing to buy as many. You can see just walking around that there aren’t a ton of Gems being bought at “real” prices (we can debate the merit of buying gems for 100c or w/e, but I think we can agree that at this point that price (or lower) is below the buying market value).

There is no problem for people at the top, or approaching there. The problem is that new players now don’t really have a way to enter the economy if the things that they can gather somewhat easily (sap, fibrous leaves, opal, inky leaves) either aren’t being bought due to recession/deflation or the prices are so cratered as to make it not worth the time to farm them.

My hope that with the mid-tier tool buff that sort of economic activity might not be required anymore and those players can just use the mats they farm to naturally progress into Titanium/Gems/Power Coils.


new players bring new coins with them to buy the ultra cheap gems


I know a lot of new players struggling to make coin. Granted many of them just need some advice to get going or are a bit lazy (judged on the excuses I’m given) but ultimately in my experience new players typically can’t afford most prices for high end stuff in most shops.

Even when I sell direct to community member at my base cost and buy stuff from them at higher than market prices they still really struggle.


u get coins with progress and doing very easy journal missions. i doesnt take much time to generate coin at low lvl. every feat will yield u coin… hitting rocks 10 times gives u coin