Economy Ups and Downs


Gem prices as of the last time I went shopping (about 3 days ago), were in the 600-700c range. Certainly cheaper than they have been and trending downwards, but I’d hesitate to call them ultra cheap. At 600c each you would need to spend 48000c to buy enough diamonds to make a bulk craft of compact diamonds to make your first workbench coils. I believe that is over half of all money that a single character can gain from quests. Now, as prices of everything fall, obviously buying prices will drop too, no one is entitled to selling Fibrous Leaves to baskets for 25c each, for example. But this does leave newer players with very few ways to generate meaningful currency (basically, get to level ~20 or so and hunt meteors on T3 or gather a bunch of fibrous leaves and hope to be able to sell them for 10c.).


T3 is very viable with iron at 16 when that set of epics unlocks.


newer players dont need that much coins. they should focus on progress instead of using economy for everything imo


You’re right. There’s just no meaningful way for new players to generate money. Before footfall dried up I used to go to town with a few hundred gold/siver bars and leave with 40,000-80,000 coins - enough to buy some power coils or an AoE hammer. Call it what you will, this is simply no longer an option. And who in their right mind is gonna farm 2.8 million fiber leaves to buy a forged hammer :upside_down_face: ?


Ultimately I still feel the big issue is that veteran players have very little need to use the economy or most of whom if they do, do so to acquire materials at bargain basement prices. There’s too much supply and not enough demand and more should be implemented to increase demand (above and beyond just making current recipes more complicated)


My point was not the level so much as the requirement, and at the rate of EXP gain from early levels 16 isn’t that much sooner than 20, but fair point.

I mean, a new player isn’t going to go shopping and try to enter the economy until they need to, right? You can get a nice iron tool set up fueled by compact peat by around the point that you would want to progress past iron, for example. Assuming progression is fixed, then yeah, they can go mining on a T3, get some silver and gold, use that to make better tools, level up, go to T5 get titanium, etc. At some point they are going to need diamonds, though. I do hope that with the current changes that silver and gold are strong enough to make that not a challenge that almost requires economic activity to bypass, but the point remains that if they feel they need to buy those first gems (like many of us did), they have no meaningful way to generate that money. (other than oortstone and maybe fibrous leaves if a buyer can be found).

I’m a huge proponent of doing as much for yourself as possible, but if this game is going to have the pretense of an economy in it, it should be functional for everyone.


I had totally forgot they buffed gold/silver tools. Is titanium still head and shoulders better than gold though? And are the new gold/silver actually better than iron in anything more than a mythological sense?

Can someone who has actually used the new gold/silver tools verify that they really are more useful or better than iron?


i think i never made silver tools but gold tools have aweful forge efficiency
u cant forge them without some coils


Gonna test some out later today, I threw a stack of gold hammers away a few weeks ago because they were pointless and I was tired of looking at them.


I used a gold hammer yesterday. I forgot the exact number of hits on T6 but it was definitely 1 less than iron on T5. I was 2 shotting regular blocks instead of 3 shotting with iron. (Maybe 2 shot on T6 as well. I was using speed potions so i couldnt really count) As far as more efficient idk. I havent made gold tools in a while. These were just sitting in my storage so i brought em along. Probably going to stick with iron until i know for sure I won’t need more gold to make titanium alloy.

Mind you this is max power, damage, hammer efficiency skills, etc. so if you’re not maxed there you might not 2 shot with gold.


Either way it sounds like good news.


Rather certain i looked at this last night. Gold dmg and iron dmg are exactly the same with lvl 50 max miner stats. The only difference is crit and crit chance. But do correct me if im wrong.


Maybe. Gold wasn’t even on par with iron before.


If its anything like gold fists, gold hammers I’m sure are amazing. Especially if forged with crit effect and durability.

Though even if not, I think there is a base 50% chance to crit and 75% crit effect.

I was thinking of trying this out myself after seeing how awesome fists were.

Edit: plus if you gave 8 in agility, you get 16% more chance to crit


Question - if the tool has 0% crit chance and you have max agi does that make the tool able to crit then?


The problem isn’t so much supply, but the fact that everyone thinks their shop is the one that’s going to make it. I need roughly 1.7 million iron ore for my long term build. I may buy some of it, but I don’t think its worth what some people are trying to sell it for. I can farm over 10k an hour while getting a couple thousand gold, silver and titanium. So when I do my request baskets, its going to be for 4 or 5c and I’m guessing I will probably end up mining most of it myself. Who knows though, people might surprise me.

Which brings me to the second point I have. Some vets of this game aren’t rushing (all the other ones I play with anyways). We don’t need everything right now, we can wait. A lot of our builds will take us months to complete (some are still working them out in magicavoxel), so we are patient enough for the prices to go down or go farm it ourselves slowly over time.

edit: Some folks are still waiting for certain colors to show up.


Yuppers! (10 Cs)


I tried this with the exact same thought. Ran it 100 times thinking that’d be an ok baseline. Got zero crits. Maybe my baseline wasn’t big enough. I vaguely remember a post saying that if the item has 0% innate chance then nothing you do can change that. Maybe someone with hard numbers / facts can comment.


Yes, 8 in agility will give at 16% crit chance.

Which is a chance, but not high.

1 in 9 or 8 hits.

But when you have 50% due to gold, and 16% agility. Then that’s 2 out of 3 hits that you get a crit without forging.


i’d be fine getting 1c for every block I destroy. Pay us for mining! #minerstrike2018