Economy Ups and Downs


Yeah! At 54k coins an hour I could eventually hit the coin cap on all my characters.


There’s a coin cap? What is it?


Coin cap!? 0_o


Why does anyone NEED coin in this game? You can do everything for yourself or trade what you have for other things you need. The community in this game is very generous and helpful!


You don’t need coin, but take coin away and take economy away and you’re one step closer to Minecraft Clone #217.


The more methods we have to obtain the same item the better. What I mean by that is: buying it with coin, trading items for it, setting up contests, contracts, etc.

Some stuff people just don’t want to gather themselves and are okay with buying or trade for from other players.

If there wasn’t coin and an economic system in place to replace what we currently have, a lot of people would straight up quit. I simply refuse to spam Discord chat channels and these forums about what items I want to trade and which I don’t. Nor do I want to try and setup a place that’s attractive enough and organized with signs on what I am looking for, what I am trading, etc. This isn’t a TCG with trade binders. It’s just really tedious for no reason to try and give someone your stuff for something you want.


This is very true for a lot of the people who play this game. So that’s a definite positive thing. :+1:


I really enjoy the shopkeeper aspect of the game. I enjoy pretty much every aspect, i hunt, mine gather, etc too… but most of it is to stock my shop. Ive always loved business sim games and enjoy making piles of fake money that doesnt matter.

Its the same question as “why does anyone NEED to build anything in this game?” Theres no penatly for being outside, no dying from exposure. Its done because its fun, and thats why we’re all here isnt it?


Except on T6. Cuttletrunks will kill you on T6.


I’m not a vet but I’m in no rush to complete my builds (I just bought 6 months GC membership). I’m nowhere near what I have in my mind to build and I’m also happy to go out and mine what I need.
I do run a shop as that is what I like doing but yeah, who’s in a rush? :smiley:


Guess on the bright side of having a busted economy prices are finally going down. Persisting loaf 1k, teaching pie 1900. Just leave it like it is and I’ll be buying forged hammers for 10k by the end of the month!


No rush at all. I just got gleam club myself. I havent even tried magicavoxel yet and thats the first step to this massive build i have in mind. I plan to do everything myself from gathering all my own mats to building over the next however long it takes.


Sorry, should have been more clear. Not suggesting should take money out of the game. I really enjoy the free economy side. Just as a noob too much emphasis on money. I progressed without money from generosity of experienced players, trading, and grinding.


I am wondering if this is the result of players having leveled enough they can get their own stuff so they are less willing to pay the higher prices. I am not sure that less coin (due to footfall issue) is the ultimate culprit. The prices are closer to the EA prices. Not that this means the economy is balanced but it is interesting.


Yeah. Still can’t sell much of anything though so there’s that…


My personal experience is more groups of players are cooperating with each other to gather/mine/craft what each different player needs. I am personally aware of three such groups. I wonder how much of an affect this is having on the number of buyers?


I mine for the Awkward Mining Company - I get forged hammers in exchange for gems, I think still silver/gold etc. which is awesome in a world without money. Highly recommend unless you’re endgame doing everything yourself already.

Pm me if you’re looking for work - not a leader but I can get you to the right people.


You’ll lose players by forcing a reliance on others. Impossible to say how many, but i’ll be one.


Forced reliance means you’ll pick the worthless skill tree while everybody else bathes in coin.


At the same time how many people have they already lost because of the fact everyone can do everything and as a result hits the economics of this game pretty intensely?


There is a fine balance to be had here. Right now the only goal the game sanctions is “run a store,” and not everyone wants to do that. People that want to build stuff probably don’t care that much if they have a store or not, for example. Also, I don’t recall this game being sold as “Voxel Store Simulator 2018.”

I firmly believe that the devs didn’t intend for the economy to be as central as it is currently; the decision to go with an extremely inefficient buying/selling system (granular physical locations) doesn’t make any sense in a game where the goal is to drive economic activity. But it does make a ton of sense if it’s meant to be a secondary system that helps drive exploration (“Hey, this castle that I ran across is cool! And they have some stuff for sale! Neat, I did kinda need one of those. purchase”). But in that world, players should be fairly free to get whatever they want if they are willing to put in the work (which I think we are at now with the regen fix). I think what we are seeing now is probably a correction towards the economy being secondary now that the things that were making it more central have been “fixed” (if you’re a shop owner I can see why you might not call it fixed).

This kind of disruption, post release, after everyone had already clumped up in hubs and made shops is understandably frustrating. “Nerfing” regen is probably not the answer, so if supply is currently too free, then demand has to go up to meet the supply. The only way I can come up with to increase overall demand at this point is to increase the money supply somehow so people who currently aren’t buying (or can’t because they don’t already have a hyper endgame store and/or giant footfall sums) have enough coin where the balance of “time spent doing X vs money spent buying X” tips back towards the buy it side. Once there is some velocity of currency in the game then I think things should pick back up.