Economy Ups and Downs


people need to create value by gathering and mining and hunting to bring prices down. dont focus on economy right now. Shopping is not everything in the game. Streamline ur production. Search reliable supplier and buyer. organize community hunts

if everyone focus on shop and everyone has coins, prices will skyrocket because supply cant keep up


Prices aren’t high. It’s the exact opposite problem: deflation. The value of goods has crashed (many items selling at 1/3rd of their previous value). Goods have infinite inflation… they respawn every few hours, once spawned in, all but a few consumables exist permanently. Coin on the other hand has almost no inflationary factors, not to mention it is not permanent. It can permanently be destroyed.

I’m speculating here but I’m guessing we are at the point where coin is leaving the economy faster than it is being created. I’d point to hoarding, taxes, portal fees and players quitting (including a couple high rank multi-millionaires) for coins leaving the economy. These have likely exceeded the “broken” footfall creation (and other more minor contributors like leveling and quests).

It’s hard to say exactly why without more data. The speculation is, no one has coin, or wants to spend coin, because they can’t see an easy way to make coin back. This means the value of coin has skyrocketed.

I’m no economist, but it’s generally known that this behavior is deflation, and it’s the absolute worst place for an economy to be in. Ever wonder why Japan has what many people call the lost decade? Deflation.

In order to maintain a healthy economy, it is almost universally accepted that fiat inflation is required. It’s one of the few things that every country agrees on (although they do disagree on the RATE). It’s basically the single most important economic discovery since the 1800s.


so… decrease the drop rate of items, while also increasing their cost in recepies… or make more methods to dispose of extra items.


Increasing recipe costs does nothing. Crafting is really just converting one commodity to another.

People have to have coin, and feel like there are ways to get more coin before they can spend it.


sooo they need a flood of coin, to dilute it.


Me personally I’m not spending now because I have no way to get that money back.

Barter is where it’s at!


I concur. It is starting to look like it quite a bit.

A big, if not the biggest culprit to me is the half-baked tax system currently acting as a pure money sink when it should be redistributing coin in the world / settlement. It is taking away huge chunks of coin at a time on high cost goods that are very popular trades (trophies, forged tools, brews, coils); more than anyone’s footfall can ever hope to cover.

On top of the damage it’s causing, it’s also a missed opportunity. Let’s say to tax money goes to the viceroy + warden. How that coin gets used by those entities could be a huge factor in where people choose to settle and help develop. A greedy viceroy would make bank for a while but would struggle to attract settlers and business, while a benevolent one would have leaner pockets but would attract more people. I like the dynamics of that; feels very sandbox MMO.

And to the people saying to ignore coin and just play, I would love to do that but the recipes are all extremely grindy, allegedly to maintain some sort of balanced economy. I am fine with grind if it leads to a diverse and rich economy. If the economy is in shambles, you have to start questioning the grind. It’s just plain unfun.


Feels like fewer players too.
On people thinking prices are low; they seem to be coming down more to EA price points to me. Which begs the question; is the post-wipe rush over? By which I mean, perhaps many people will have enough of the common sellers by now (or have left/taken a break).

I dunno, it feels like everything was too high after launch and is now where it should be but perhaps people not around in EA were unaccustomed to this price point.


Just spent the last of the 300k I was sitting on. :slight_smile:


I’d have to ask a shop owner, but I remember in EA prices for things like gems were actually more expensive then what they are today. I seem to remember gem prices in the big stores being like 375-400, coal iron and metal being roughly 10% more expensive as well. It’s not exactly comparable though, since the economy there was mostly just like 2 people with really big shops, and request baskets everywhere else.

Lots of things are different now too, like AOE tools, no bomb mining, plots take longer to get, taxes didn’t exist… The skills are completely different, almost unrecognizable. I remember getting more coin per level too. It’s almost a different game from the economy perspective.

You did see a lot of people buying things though. I remember I’d spend about 45 minutes every morning making like 200k in just filling requests for different things.


I have a planed overhaul of my store later this month and then I will be sinking most of my coins into baskets since I will have a better place for them. I know that doesn’t help anyone now… I did up my buy price on ores to closer match what I buy bars at when I shop for those though. I am not sitting on a mountain of coin by any means though, and my store does still make enough to fund my portals to stay open so there is that.


Oh have they gone below that? I saw Emerald for 390c today & it was the cheapest I’ve seen. I was buying gems in EA for 300-400. Many other still-same items seemed cheaper or on a par with now too.

But yep forged tools, recipe changes, etc. all add demand and change pricing equations.

Hmm, I thought plots & coin were about the same (though some feat requirements which bring coin were upped IIRC) for gain rate.

Yeah I see many 0c request baskets too. Empty shops. Dead portals. It’s not as bad but it feels like the lull post the wipe announcement (but before prices became silly low because everything had an expiry date). Like there’s less life around, so less coin with that. I blame RDR2!


Not sure, but yeah, I basically just made the biggest sailboat I could imagine after the stores shuttered due to the announcement. lol. Funny time.

I can’t remember the rates either (I guess I’m old now lol forgetting things), but I know I’d easily make a few levels in a session of bomb mining without even thinking about it. You can always do the rock grind thing now, but after 15 million xp doing that in live, I don’t really wanna play rock/stone shuffle simulator anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Last night at 7pm PST thjere were about 400-500 players on. a Month ago there were 850~ish on during that time frame. as far as the api goes… right now it’s showing 500~ people on currently.


So on the devs side of things, what player population is required to sustain the game? Honest question, no hidden meaning.


Oh have they gone below that? I saw Emerald for 390c today & it was the cheapest I’ve seen. I was buying gems in EA for 300-400. Many other still-same items seemed cheaper or on a par with now too.

They’re about to get a lot less cheaper too. The new worlds have many gems spawning at 2-4% (compared to the current worlds all under 1%). I did a small mining test in a low hotspot area for topaz and picked up about 600 in 30m without breaking a sweat not to mention a small fortune in titanium and hard/med coal. I can only imagine what the bright yellow spot I found would pull in resource wise.


I dont think its yp to them. With an average population of 250 on a daily basis there is no reason to have shops. Not enough traffic on world’s to create a demand for resources. I think if the population was at 1k steady with thw number of worlds there is it would have been stable.

If it drops below 250 there is no reason for coin anymore. With that population people can gather to trade easily and it seems it is whats happening, goods for services or other goods.

Heres my trouble with this, eveyone i know personnaly who games had to be convinced by me to try this game out. They did not understand the trailer kr see it on the playsation store main page, i had to look for the game in the search function i had no idea it was out.

I think the release of the game during the release of some major triple a titles like read dead drowned out this game.


I’m wondering if the higher tier worlds and new craftables/mats are coming sooner than we think. I don’t think the devs can’t not see the impact of the glut of resources, they must know something we don’t.


Gleam Club for coin ?


I am not so sure the new worlds are the cure really. It will just be a cycle of high prices for new mats that eventually drop to almost nothing and we start posting about next tier worlds - basically a repeat of what we have right now.

I think the future is random / unique items. Something that not everyone has for sale or can get. I think something as simple as random drops form mobs or in rocks while mining, buried in dirt while digging etc etc.

Could be really great stat tools, decor … basically anything that is unique/rare
It would bring characters back to shopping and spending coin. These unique/rare items are for me the only time an auction house would work. I see no point in an auction house full of copper ore, iron ore and brick /sigh

There’s so many things that could be done to add unique and rare items, blocks,resources to the game to make a difference. Maybe this is what the dungeons will bring of they ever arrive. I would hate to think you run a dungeon, kill a ton of mobs and then finally loot a boss for his 3 x adrenal glands, 4 x titanium ore and 2 x diamond gems. How dull would that be :frowning:

Resources are available to absolutely everyone at some point in a characters progression. Needs more than just new materials now I think else we endlessly sell and buy the exact same items that everyone else is buying and selling and ultimately we can all farm for ourselves anyway.