Economy Ups and Downs


u need coins to warp and to keep portals and beacons up
also: u know that our whole rl economy is based on fiat money?
as long as shop stands and purchase baskets work with coin only it will be the preferrable currency


I sell animal parts at my location including feathers and cores, I have no real request baskets, but I immediately turn that coin around and go buy things from other shops because I have high ambitions for building and fighting.

Please dont be discouraged by no request baskets in my shop :slight_smile:


ye its easy, but anyway:
getting ash/mud is more cost/time intesnive than its for clay/peaty/soil


Your edit makes more sense and i agree with that totally. i mentioned a barter system some time ago, but vets jumped on that because coin is prevalent on one end of the player pool. This game just naturally lends itself to a barter system. Coin is added as a simple currency to easily buy/sale from shops. I think with a bit more coding/work, the developers could set it up to accept 10 fibrous leaves for 1 gem for example. I don’t expect that to happen but it’s an idea I’ve often wondered why it doesn’t exist, outside of propping up the only valid reason to even have coin as a base currency in the game.

Not everyone enjoys or prefers a barter system though and having a coin base currency does provide ‘simpler’ transactions I suppose.


Sure I can continue to drop my prices until the items sell but then it gets to a point where what I’m willing to buy an item for isn’t worth it for the seller. Fib leaves for example I bet I could sell them left and right at 6c but who is gonna sell em to me at 5? And all for my 1c profit.

It’s a rough time for the small shops. Which makes it harder for the seller. Forcing sellers and buyers to be screwed in huge shops where they buy at 5 sell at 100. That feeling of being screwed is sending more people to just farm their own stuff and create alts and craft build forge their own.

And I’m not advocating for a nerf of drops simply stating the economy in my world of small shop owner trying to make a fair place to buy and sell.


Warp, sure … but I can keep my portals and beacons up without using coin at all. Foliage is everywhere, and I’ve accumulated enough Oord stones to refine into a month+ of fuel for my personal portal to my planetary portal network hub just from the occasional Level 1 or 2 meteor I tripped over while doing Atlas completion of a T3 world.

The only thing the game needs coin for is covering warp costs.

Using coin for shopping stands/request baskets is a nice-to-have, but not required since barter is also a thing.


Honestly I like a coin system, it just seems to missing something it’s not effective at the moment. It’s a rough balance between providing the players that want to have things given to them so the game is relaxed easy and to them fun all the way to the players that wish there was more scarcity more grind and more difficult to them which is fun.

You can please both sides and idk how you find the happy medium. :confused:


maybe u can keep up ur portals but did u consider that other people have a larger hub with huge portals where the day doesnt have enough hours to farm all the oort stones u need?

@RecoilS did u consider farming them by urself and getting the 5c profit per piece, cause


i cant scatch any sympathy together for a reseller with broken supply chain due to shifting prices >.< thats the risk of ur profession


You still don’t need coin though. You could either work with a group of farmers, or barter for the stones/shards needed.


it is fiat money… so what? in rl it works, too, most of the time

u dont need to warp cause there are hubs. hubs pay for oort stones … u knew that?
no coins no hub and no way to warp for u to another planet


So they’re reliant on people to sale them cheap oort stones. Maybe they shouldn’t run such huge hubs? Maybe hubs should be smaller, more focused. Put the onus on the community to build the network instead of having so much handled by such a small population.

For example, I run a few portals for personal use. I have them locked behind my doors. It’s a private portal network. I pay about 180-200 per stone. I get the baskets. Filled with 24 hours of putting them out.

Like you said, not enough time on the day to fill all the ports we have running. If people demanded more money for their stone (the demand is clearly there) it’d force things to become more streamlined and people would have to prioritize what they value more.

I suspect we’ll see a large wave of changes as the economy starts to settle down since what we have now is likely our sustained population until bigger better things get added and word of mouth spreads.


Lol I don’t want your sympathy there pal. My goal was to make a central place for people to sell and buy at fair prices so those that like to hunt but don’t forge can dump their loot off make money to go buy their forged sling bows. It’s a service and one that my shop takes very little profit from because it’s aimed at being fair.

Neither did I ever complain of shifting prices. So before you try and quote me on something I’d appreciate it if you would grtbyour information correct. I’ll look forward to your apology and editing your post. If your man enough

Additionally I do farm things when I don’t get supply of it. Ie Star Berry 1000 in 20 mins and then sell em at 5c each and I’ve made more than my shop does in a week.


Get rid of coins make warping cost oort shards. And now there is no use for your coin


so u replace one currency with another, just the difference is that it takes up inventory? great suggestion


It’s not a currency it’s a material. Coin is a currency as it cannot be used for ANYTHING in game besides buying selling. Ports can be used for portals and could be used for warping and are also naturally occurring in the game via runners and meteors giving hunters an even better life


again… it is fiat money… so what?

what can u do with a dollar bill except snorting some stuff with it or clean ur butt. u using dollar bricks for ur house? u write ur letters on them?

since the gold standard got dumped there is no intrinsic value of money and we living good with this since nearly a century


I think you’ve missed the entire point that he was trying to make and I was simply trying to point that you were misunderstanding. And I would try again but your so far out in left field I don’t think you know how to get back.


Reasons for coin:

1 - the developers can give coin for certain play dynamics in game which can be used to buy goods. You can get coin for certain objectives and feats as well as footfall.

2 - If the system was all barter then you would have to find someone that needed exactly what you have to trade and was willing to give up exactly what you wanted. This would make it take even longer to execute any transactions as the player base is spread across a number of time zones and planets.

If the developers want to have any real economy in the game then I think they almost have to have money/coin.


3 - money shouldnt take inventory space


ok that would be true. . if it takes space and can be mined then it is barter.